The biggest ATV show in the world happens in Italy once a year. Big probably isn’t the right  word; choose one of the following: huge, monstrous, gigantorrific. It features several square miles of floor space devoted to motorcycles, ATVs, parts and apparel. We spent four days walking the isles and only saw a fraction of the whole picture. But we did pull out the camera to bring you photos of ATVs you  might never see otherwise.
Some of the show is dominated by Kawasaki, Polaris, Can-Am and the usual suspects from the U.S. market. But there is a growing number of unknown Asian ATV makers that actually supply parts and whole vehicles to those big names. One is Adly, which manufactures some Polaris models, like the RZR170. Adly has its own version of the Polaris 6×6, but with a 320cc motor.
Adly, which comes from Taiwan, has some other machines that you don’t see anywhere. This little car thing looks fun.
Adly also makes this 500. The motor looks like a cross between a Raptor 700 and a Suzuki 400.
This Yamaha was just back from down under where it survived the Australian Safari, which is a two-week survival race through the out back.
Bashon is from mainland China. No one told them that the name Warrior is already taken.
Hyosung isn’t Chinese or Taiwanese. The company is from South Korea where labor laws are tight and quality is generally high. United Motors of Miami imports their products to the U.S. In the future, ATK of Utah will bring in ATVs like this one to sell to law enforcement. ATK is also planning to import street bikes.
This Hyosung 250cc V-twin would make an excellent ATV motor. Call the guys at ATK and ask them to build one.
This NOX Krypton has a 500cc motor that is manufactured by a Subaru plant in Taiwan.
If you have a need to lean, this European company is working on both street and dirt models.
LEM once sold quite a few two-stroke 50cc quads in the U.S. They were good, but the exchange rate made business in the U.S. difficult. The company still sells product in Europe.
This Linhai CUV 400 has fuel injection and four-wheel drive. We may see it in the U.S. under a different name. Any name would be better.
TGB is Taiwanese and has manufactured parts for Polaris and Vespa. They are especially good at making CV transmissions. The company is sponsoring this Russian who plans on riding to the North Pole. He doesn’t look happy about it.
The success of the Can-Am Spyder has created a generation of other road-going ATVs. This one is a four-wheeler, which would make it a car by U.S. law. We can’t imagine that it could pass DOT safety regulations.
SYM has plants in Taiwan and Vietnam. The company manufactures motors for BMW, Honda and Kia. In the hierarchy of Asian companies, this one is near the top, along with Kymco.

CF Moto is another Asian company to watch. Of all the ATV makers from mainland China, its quality seems to be near the top.



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