Jeremie Warnia got the holeshot, but a shoulder injury forced him to withdraw.
      After almost two hours of racing, nothing was decided. It all came down to the last lap at Cahuilla Creek for this weekend’s WORCS race in the ATV pro ranks. Lap after lap, it had been a stalemate between Cafro Racing’s Beau Baron and Motoworks Josh Frederick, with Yamaha’s Dustin Nelson waiting in the background. Then, in an all-or-nothing pass less than a half lap from the checkered flag, Frederick passed Baron and the race was decided. “I knew I had to make something happen,” said Frederick. “I gave it everything I had going into an off-road section, and it was pretty sketchy. Beau let off at the last second, otherwise we both might have gone down. He‘s a great competitor.”
      Baron fessed up to a mistake on that final lap. “I kind of endoed and was out of shape. Josh had a great drive and he just went by; there was nothing I could really do.” In the early laps of the race, it actually looked like Dustin Nelson was going to run away. After passing holeshot artist Jeremie Warnia, he put in some solid laps to build a very small cushion. But at the one-hour mark, pit-stops played havoc with the running order. All three riders took turns in front, leaving the rest of the field farther and farther behind. Then Nelson started struggling with shock fade. The track was brutal, dusty and hot. “I had to back it off, and just try to get to the finish,” said Dustin later. For most of the last hour of racing, Baron had a modest lead. It wasn’t until the last three laps that Frederick got within striking distance. “I had to work really hard at the beginning of the race because I didn’t want Dustin and Beau to just check out like they can. I was happy to be there so that I could make something happen in the last hour.”
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Josh Frederick planned to “get it done” in the final hour.
Dustin Nelson held the lead for most of the first hour, but struggled with suspension issues on the brutal track.
Beau Baron should have been devastated after losing the lead so close to the finish, but he was all smiles. He just seems to love riding.
Dillon Zimmerman carries a quick drink out of the pits. He was sixth in the Pro ranks.
The white flag lap: Beau leads Josh.
David Haagsma (1) scored a decisive win in the Pro-Am class. Justin Jones (422) was penalized two minutes for an infraction by one of his pit crew. He ended up third behind Keith Johnson.

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