Hard racing from hard racers so far By Ken Hill

Walker Fowler (1) is facing a determined challenge from fellow Yamaha pilot Brycen Neal. So far, the pair has two wins each. Devon Feehan (7) is currently third in points.

The 2022 Grand National Cross-Country series ATV racing started just as everyone expected it to with the return of Yamaha men Walker Fowler and Brycen Neal going head to head and swapping wins through the first four rounds. Fowler’s grit and arsenal of skills have helped him overcome mistakes early in the season that have kept him from slipping at the least one more win into the points battle. For Neal, the start to the season hasn’t been flawless, but his confidence has been gaining traction since his opening-round win. Consistent finishes have the pair locked in an early-season battle. That could prove to be the blueprint for how this season plays out for the remaining nine rounds.

Brycen Neal grabbed the win in round one, but this tiny gap over Fowler at the flag is typical of the close finishes this year. That is extremely close for a two-hour race!

Devon Feehan has himself sitting third in points after a solid start to the season, including a podium finish at round two. Feehan has the speed to run up front for the grueling two hours, but it will take even more work on his end to push through the competition and take podium finishes at every round.

After a slow start to the season, perennial front runner Cole Richardson may have found his groove after celebrating a podium finish at the Tiger Run round. Tiger Run was no different for Cole. As the race started, he found himself working through the XC1 Pro pack. Late in the race things started clicking, and he was able to take advantage of others’ mistakes and pick up the pace to land on the podium in third. It is yet to be seen whether Cole can dig deep enough to catch and mix it up with the top two.

Brandon Frazier won round two, but Haedyn Mickelson and Cody Collier also have wins. Current champ Landon Wolfe has three runner-up finishes for fourth in points.
Current WXC champion Hannah Hunter (HON) has two wins so far, as well as a narrow point lead. She is fast and rides smart.
Hunter Hart charged to second at round three. That is Fowler right behind him. Think a start matters when it is muddy? Fowler looks like a swamp creature.

Somewhat of a surprise in the top five, John Glauda Jr. has been on fire through four rounds of racing. He stayed locked in battle with any rider keeping him from moving forward. He has been in full control and could be the racer destined to climb inside the top three at most any round.

While there is much racing left, the points are looking like a predictable battle to the end between Fowler and Neal as the veteran champion faces a real threat from an intense competitor.

Katelyn Osburn first factored in the WXC class in 2012 when Pickens retired. She has been a strong and consistent competitor in the class ever since.
Cody Collier has won two of the four events so far in 2022. Unfortunately, a DNF at one round has held him to fourth in the points chase.


Jay Shadron and his Yamaha have a strong lead in the XC2 Pro-Am class. In the 4×4 Pro class, current champ Landon Wolfe has dominated the last few championships, but after four rounds he is in fourth place in the series. To gain the points lead he will have to work past Cody Collier, Haedyn Mickelson and current leader Brandon Frazier. Can-Am has the top 10 in the series locked up!

Hannah D. Hunter (HON) is leading the WMX class with Jessica Elioff (YAM) in second. Legendary veteran WMX racer Traci Pickens (YAM) is having a very strong start to her year with a string of podium finishes. Katelyn Osburn (HON) is currently fourth.

With larger-than-life names having a rough start to the season, the points gap can easily stretch out, especially as riders fighting for every point suffer the highs and lows of this style of racing. The intensity remains incredibly high throughout the class, and the series has record numbers as riders continue to pour in to test themselves in America’s toughest sport!

Twelve-time GNCC WXC champion Traci Pickens has finished every race of 2022 on the podium.



1. Walker Fowler (YAM)

2. Brycen Neal (YAM)

3. Devon Feehan (YAM)

4. Cole Richardson (YAM)

5. John Glauda Jr. (YAM)

6. Jarrod M McClure (HON)

7. Hunter Hart (YAM)

8. Joshua Merritt (YAM)

9. Adam McGill (HON)

10. Chris M Borich (YAM)


1. Jay Shadron (YAM)

2. Wyatt J. Wilkin (YAM)

3. Steve Harrell (YAM)

4. Dylan R. Walraven (YAM)

5. Grayson Eller (YAM)

6. Branden Owens (YAM)

7. Tanner Walker (YAM)

8. Daniel Peters (YAM)

9. Chase Allison (YAM)

10. Shane McMillen (YAM)


1. Brandon Frazier (CAN)

2. Haedyn Mickelson (CAN)

3. Cody Collier (CAN)

4. Landon C. Wolfe (CAN)

5. (CAN), Burke Marsiglia (CAN)

6. Robbie D. Pecorari (CAN)

7. Branson Solesbee (CAN)

8. Robert M. Smith (CAN)

9. Drew Landers (CAN)

10. Leevi Seay (CAN)


1. Hannah D. Hunter (HON)

2. Jessica Elioff (YAM)

3. Traci Pickens (YAM)

4. Katelyn Osburn (HON)

5. Taylor McClish (HON)

6. Emily Wise (YAM)

7. Morgan Solesbee (YAM)

8. Karlie Martin (HON)

9. Andrea Rodgers (HON)

10. Jaida Phillips (YAM)

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