Sand fans invade Winchester Bay, OR By Dirt-N-Dunez

There are a host of organized activities at Dunefest, but a big part of the fun is unorganized play at famed Banshee Hill. Parked in front is a radical, turbocharged Rapto

Dunefest is called “the most fun a family can have in the sand.” For the past 19 years Dunefest has supplied a family-friendly atmosphere with five days of action-packed sand events. People gathered from across the country, and this past year was no exception to the rule. Located in the quiet community of Winchester Bay, Oregon, this event fills the town with like-minded enthusiasts. All events are open for public participation, and many have awards, prizes or payouts. 

Angel Castillo riding Tyler Hardt’s 611cc DM Banshee with an Eko Racing 14-over titanium swingarm and Scheer hand cone pipes. Marvin Shaw front shocks and Works rear shock.
Omar Contreras of Eugene, Oregon, got his white YXZ on two wheels in a turn during one of the organized events. It looks like contestants had a lot of fun in this event.
Organized sand drag competition was part of the Dunefest event list. This red and white Banshee belongs to Steve Walker from Bonanza, Oregon. It looks fast!
The ever-popular Infinity Huck competition is fun for entrants and spectators. The Polaris RS1 is looking like it has a good takeoff here.
Dunefest’s vendor row has lots to look at. Sponsor vendors show off there wares, and there is plenty for sale as well.
Dunefest ATC 70 barrel races were part of the organized Dunefest event list. It was just a way for big kids to have fun with little sand toys. Everyone loved the ATC 70.
Lacey George of Port Hadlock, Washington, piloted this Peep Show 870cc Cuervo Racing-built Raptor to Fastest NA 4-Stroke. Bike owner is Jacki Clason of Springfield, Oregon.
This blue Packard Racing car is driven in sand drag competition by Daryl Lenhart of Syracuse, Utah. These full-mod YXZs are monstrously fast.

One of the highlights of Dunefest is its jam-packed vendor row with everything from tunes to tires and boost to burgers. Some of the events this year included sand drag racing, a short course, barrel racing, poker ride, freestyle show, Infinity Huck competition, show & shine, pit bike races and night rides just to name a few. The Sand Outlaw Series ran their second race of the 2021 season here in July. This event brought some of the fastest and most intense UTVs from across the country to compete. With 500-plus-horsepower cars lining up for heads-up drag racing, this year’s show & shine was outstanding and had one of the best lineups of custom Banshees we have seen in years. Aside from Banshees, there were several custom bikes, trikes, UTVs, sand cars and a few rat rods.

One of the beauties of Dunefest is the ability to camp on the sand. There are actual RV campgrounds that have direct sand access, but most riders like sand camping.
A big part of many of these off-road gatherings is live music. Dunefest is no exception.
Dunefest’s show & shine allows those with the finest machines around to show them off. These machines certainly show pride of ownership.


If you want to get away from the action, this is a great spot to hit the sand and go. Winchester dunes offers a wide variety of rollers to hill-climbs, bowls and the tallest ridable dunes in Oregon. One dune rises over the 500-foot mark! From beginner to technical, there is something for every style of rider. Come sit atop the famous Banshee Hill and watch the sun drop below the horizon. The beach is not accessible to OHVs, but is just a quick walk over a small dune to access it on foot.

The upcoming 2022 Dunefest marks the 20-year anniversary. Prior to Dunefest it was known as Sandfest, and that goes even farther back in time, but who’s counting? This next event should be even better than years past with a fun-filled lineup of events, sand camping and a great time to gather for a fun-filled week in the sand. Make sure to mark your calendars for August 2 through 7, 2022. Reservations can be made ahead of time at
http://dunefest.com/ or by calling (541) 271-3495. Aside from sand camping, there are several campgrounds in Winchester Bay. Here is a list of campgrounds with sand access:

 Windy Cove RV Park and Campground

 Umpqua Dunes RV Park

 Winchester Bay RV Resort

 Half Moon Bay Campground

 The Point Condominiums

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