It all came down to Glamis Sand Dunes and Oldsmobile Hill By Juli Moore/www.dirtndunez.com

Scott Hughes’ Pace Polaris RZR Pro XP and Jeremy Herron’s Packard-built Yamaha YXZ are always good for a great head-to-head race. Hughes won this race and championship.

The General Tire Sand Outlaw Series took over the famed Oldsmobile Hill again this year. In all, 56 drivers from across the U.S. and Canada took to the sand to compete for the $35,000 series championship purse. This race was the finale of a four-race series. Drivers, teams and builders gathered to race the 525-foot track up the steep slope of Oldsmobile. Spectators watched some of the fastest UTVs in the world go heads-up against each other.

Husband/wife racers James and Nicole Servey had a good weekend. James won the Mod-Turbo class in his teal-colored Packard-powered Yamaha YXZ.

This series has become a pilgrimage for the fastest in the world, the who’s who of shops, builders and general motorheads. They converged on Glamis for the final showdown of the season. There was plenty of rivalry, but the best in the business also loaned tools, parts or an extra hand to keep these 500-plus horsepower machines making passes, even if they were helping the competition.

Nicole Servey won the Duner class in her Purple #77 Can-Am X3 with the My Little Pony sticker on the side. Female racers ran first, second and eighth in the Duner class.

Scott Hughes won the overall championship in his Pace Polaris RZR XP Pro. The weather was perfect, and the crowds filled each side of the track enjoying the show. Many racers and families stayed for the following week and enjoyed Thanksgiving on the sand, which in Glamis is a must-do experience at least once.

Paul Miller and his Can-Am X3 came out on top of the Stock class. Can-Am’s are very popular in the sand drag competition.
As popular as Can-Am X3s are in the Outlaw series, Kris Werth was the only competitor in the Outlaw class running the Max version. It’s a wild-looking machine.

Race one of the series was held in May in Sand Mountain, Utah. Race two sprayed beach sand at Winchester Bay, Oregon, during Dunefest. Race three returned to Sand Mountain during October’s UTV Invasion. For the second year, the final race and season championship was held at Glamis climbing Oldsmobile Hill.

Moving the sand drags back to the classic Oldsmobile Hill location makes for a lot of fun. The sloped layout makes for excellent spectating and close competition.
Stephen Chase’s K&T Performance Yamaha YXZ is a mean-looking machine. It is a strong performer as well.

Sand Outlaw is not just for the fastest cars. There are four separate classes with different regulations so every sort of car and driver can compete. Stock class, Duner class, Mod-Turbo class and the Outlaw class cover everyone. Each class has its own restrictions and regulations, making for close and competitive races. Whether a racer or a spectator, be sure to attend one of their upcoming races in the 2022 season.

Yamaha’s YXZ1000 has loads of potential. The cars are light and have massive performance potential. With enough power they can ride the rear wheels for a long distance.
Many of the top cars eliminate the front differential and axles to lighten it up. Others leave the front drive in place. Both methods have advantages.




1. Scott Hughes (Fast ET: 5.235 seconds) (Pol)

2. Jeremy Herron (Yam)

3. Jason Wolf (Pol)

4. Karadius Graybill (Can)

5. Greg Biffle (Pol)

6. Justin Borzini (Pol)

7. Jedd Packard (Yam)

8. Lonnie Angel (Can)

9. Ben Sobotka (Can)

10. Shane Moncayo (Can)


1. James Servey (Fast ET: 5.628 seconds) (Yam)

2. Brandon Toole (Can)

3. Josh Maycock (Yam)

4. Jayden Muchmore (Can)

5. Patrick Daugherty (Can)

6. Jedd Packard (Yam)

7. Brad Myers (XPT Z1)

8. Kenny Reed (Can)

9. Dan Picht (Can)

10. Marco Chaparro (Can)


1. Nicole Servey (Fast ET: 5.868 seconds) (Can)

2. Ashely Burton (Yam)

3. Matthew Farris (Can)

4. Brandon Ristau (Can)

5. Brody Fernelius (Can)

6. Garrett Blauert (Can)

7. Nate Lancaster (Can)

8. Amanda Jensen (Yam)

9. Bob Barker (Can)

10. Andrew Larus (Pol)


1. Paul Miller (Can)

2. Brandon Ristau (Can)

3. Garrett Blauert (Can)

4. Natalie Zuccone (Can)

5. David Edgmon (Can)

6. Adrien Gonzalez (Can)

7. Mitchell Knowles (Pol)

8. Rudy Raedel (Can)

9. Paul Driscoll (Can)

10. Nate Lancaster (Can)

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