So much more than just sand in one be-UTAH-ful place By the staff of Dirt Wheels

Spectators look on as YouTube legend Blake Wilkey runs the UTV Takeover rally course in his #BabyShark Polaris RZR. In the background is Sand Hollow’s lake and the UTV Takeover vendor area.

UTV Takeover is well-known for their family-friendly events in some of the best riding spots in the United States. This year a new pushpin was added to the UTV Takeover map at Sand Hollow State Park in southern Utah.

 Known as one of the most stunning and unique riding locations anywhere, the park is highlighted by a brilliant man-made lake surrounded by vivid red sand dunes and intricate, monumental rock formations. Thousands of visitors traveled from across the U.S. to see what it might be like to drive on Mars.

Drivers go head-to-head on the UTV Takeover short-course races. Most of the competitors were in it for the fun, but there were serious efforts made by some.


At other Sand Hollow events we have attended, the red sand is just another obstacle on the way to stunning overlooks and intricate rock trails and obstacles. With UTV Takeover having a large sand following, we saw more of the dunes used than we have ever seen before.

Part of the vendor area was the main event tent for activity sign-ups and the Kid Zone. There truly was plenty to interest any single person or group.
Aaron Nestor takes on the UTV Takeover Huckfest as the only quad entry.


While many people came just for the riding, UTV Takeover puts on plenty of action-packed activities for the whole family to enjoy. Every morning, expertly guided rides were available for 10 of the park’s extraordinary trails, while larger group night rides took place at 8 p.m. While the riding area may look small from the view in camp, the park covers about 20,000 acres of land. A guided ride is ideal for first-timers because the trails can be tricky to navigate and can seem intimidating to those who are not used to Moab-like driving conditions. Little ones weren’t left out of the fun; the Kid Zone provided such activities as coloring, crafts and more. 

We frequently saw crowds gathered at the Sand Mountain lookout to enjoy the incredible views.
Everywhere we looked, riders were navigating the monumental red-rock features of Sand Hollow. There is an astonishing range of conditions at Sand Hollow compressed into a relatively compact area.


Fun for the whole family could be found at rock-n-roll bingo, a cornhole tournament, and the ever-popular UTV Takeover treasure hunt. Mini-games included things like the ATC 70 Olympics, a blind-folded UTV obstacle course, and barrel races. Short-course racing and the drag strip turned out to be bigger ticket items for spectators. Winnings for all events included trophies and raffle tickets for over $20,000 worth of prizes.

A group of riders heads up through the rocks to the dunes and trails with the lake behind them. Attendees could choose early-morning guided rides, explore on their own or follow marked routes.
UTV Utah stretching out at their booth on vendor row.


The biggest crowd, however, was drawn for the notorious Huckfest. A few off-road celebrities came to show off for the crowds and claim all the glory by making the farthest jump. Mr. Shreddy himself, Blake Wilkey, brought out the Megalodon for some big-horsepower entertainment. Twelve-year-old boy wonder Ruslan Yankilevich crushed the Huckfest competition with a whopping 132-foot jump in his Addiction Powersports RZR. Although exhibition jumper Al McBeth (not included in the Huckfest competition) had a brutal wreck during his record jump attempt, he walked away without injury and still technically broke his previous 215-foot jump record.

Off-road child prodigy Ruslan Yankilevich flew through the air at Huckfest in his Addiction Powersports RZR. He easily outpaced the other jump competitors.
Packard Performance had a shockingly light and powerful machine on display before hitting the drag strip. The level of finish on this car rivals some street rods and show cars, but it is more go than show.


Sand Hollow was the last UTV Takeover event of 2020, but hopefully, we can look forward to a 2021 schedule that won’t be affected by pandemic restrictions or health worries.

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