An event that’s growing like crazy! By the staff of Dirt Wheels

A sea of UTV enthusiasts came together for each day of action-packed activities. This is just a fraction of the people parked to watch activities of Huckfest.

UTV Takeover came to life six years ago when Steve McCarthy and Jim McIntire saw a need for family-friendly events catered to the quickly growing UTV market. This action-packed event tour has become highly anticipated year after year by UTV enthusiasts across the states. Sponsors, vendors and off-road superstars bring together thousands of people for days of fun activities and epic riding. 2020 was the first time for the UTV Takeover at Sand Hollow. This year’s turnout at the gorgeous Utah state park was up by 60 percent from last year.

Huckfest draws the largest crowd by far. While it is generally dominated by UTVs, this brave quad rider jumped farther than quite a few caged machines. His farthest run was landed at 114 feet.
After last year’s record jump of over 220 feet, everyone was dying to see the 2021 Huckfest attempts. Colton Bybee from Whiskey Throttle School District was able to keep his title with a single attempt, landing at 154 feet, blowing out his front suspension and coasting to the exit. This is Sean Johnson making his attempt.

Crowds came out in droves for the variety of events. Mornings began with a choice of guided group rides. Those guided rides let riders experience the variety of epic trails that span Sand Hollow. You have expert navigators who keep you safe and help improve your trail skills. Seeing others clear a climb or drop, then have your wheel placement guided, helps you learn at an amazing rate. It can truly elevate your skills.

Vendor row was double the size from previous years, with big-name sponsors from Maxxis, Rocky Mountain, Super ATV, Superior Motorsports and more!
Sand Hollow State Park was chock-full with campers and event-goers as attendance records skyrocketed by 60 percent from 2020. This was just a fraction of folks camped at the event.
UTV Takeover never disappoints with big-name athletes like Al McBeth, Ruslan Yankilevich, Blake Wilkey, Brandon Radach and Wyatt Hastings. Young Ruslan didn’t wait for Huckfest, but put on an impromptu show jumping off any place he could find.
Plenty of extra celebrities made their way to the event to enjoy the gorgeous trails of southern Utah, including Jeremy McGrath, who worked with Maxxis to lead guided rides.

The acclaimed SlikRok crew led multiple rides, Redneck Hubert of Nitro Circus came to hang and ride with fans, and celebrity Jeremy McGrath and Maxxis’ Mike Farmer led two lucky limited ride groups. Rowdy competitions took place every afternoon, with fun games like blind bandit, race the clock, tire toss, barrel racing and more. More high-stakes recreation included short course, sand drags, Rallyfest, Wheeliefest and the record-breaking Huckfest jump contest. Big-name Takeover athletes Al McBeth, Brandon Radach, Wyatt Hastings, Blake Wilkey and boy wonder Ruslan Yankilevich drew mobs to watch Huckfest. Other off-road idols couldn’t miss out on the action, bringing participation from Darren Parsons, Robby Gordon and Packard Performance.

Demo rides are finally coming back after the pandemic! Yamaha brought out a fleet of the new Wolverine RMAX for all to try. The booth saw a lot of action every day.
A wheelie competition isn’t something you would normally think of for UTVs to participate in, but the Takeover crew has made it a highly anticipated event. Driver Sean Johnson (pictured) made his longest run of 189 feet before he took a tumble.
The huge Ford main stage was overtaken by an array of perfectly detailed machines battling it out for best in show at the daytime show & shine. The star of the show was a RZR 170 that parked right in front of all the major players.

Every night opened with a meet-and-greet happy hour, benefit raffles to give back to the off-road community, night rides, grudge-match drags, and rock-and-roll bingo all in a family-friendly environment.

Big power was put down on the strip during the Unlimited-class sand drags. The final run came down to two Packard-built cars going head-to-head. Jedd Packard got edged out by his buddy Jeremy for a friendly win.
Everyone at the UTV Takeover tried to have a great time. Some made out better than others. We think there is a problem here.
As the Jump Contest entrants power toward the jump face, this is what they see. Nothing but sky. It takes a special person to hold that wide open!

Hundreds of volunteers have helped the various UTV Takeover events run smoothly and grow exponentially since the modest start in 2015 around a campfire. At every Takeover event, benefit raffle tickets are sold to raise money for local charities and riding area preservation groups. Sand Hollow’s event raffle produced $9000 for charities.

Of all the competitive activities offered at UTV Takeover, Rallyfest is the rockiest. While most of the activities take place in the sand, this rock race is a gnarly test of competitors’ skills.

Compared to 2020, the 2021 vendor area was more than double the size. Yamaha was on hand with demo rides for its latest machines. There were two show & shine contests—one for the cleanest cars in the daytime and another at night for cars showing off their style and lights.

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