–Testing a full-featured UTV exhaust at a pleasant price —

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

We haven’t tested many exhaust systems for normally aspirated UTVs like the Polaris RZR XP 1000. Despite the fact that the XP 1000 is a best seller and the 1000cc UTV classes are almost always the largest number of entries at races, they are somewhat ignored by aftermarket companies. We selected an Evo Powersports slip-on muffler called a Magnum.

It is a stainless steel muffler with packing that should never need replacement, a built-in spark arrestor and a color-matched heat shield for $649. The aluminum heat shield is available in brushed aluminum, black, white, Voodoo Blue, red, orange and Velocity Blue. You can count on the exhaust fitting on any RZR XP 1000 between 2014 and 2019. It wisely uses the Polaris well-engineered mounting methods. It weighs 16 pounds.

Our slip-on was mounted by an owner without a lot of mechanical experience, and he was able to handle it quickly using only basic tools. Once the slip-on is mounted, the car started and ran just fine.

It cleans up the look of the rear of the machine, and has a throaty (but not actually louder) sound to the ear. For our area it is critical that the exhaust come with a spark arrestor, so it was good that it comes equipped with one.

EVO equipped the exhaust system with a nice spark arrestor that makes the pipe spark legal. That keeps Smokey the bear happy.

This exhaust was designed for a stock engine. It is claimed to boost the power by 4 horsepower. That is slightly less than a 5-percent increase. We weren’t expecting the exhaust to shock us with power output, and it didn’t. It does feel and sound livelier and more responsive. With the combination of clean looks, pleasant sound, secure mounting, performance and a spark arrestor, the exhaust is a good value.

Evo does sell the exhaust with a package that includes an air filter and a reflashed ECU. That package costs $1299, but boosts power 10-percent on pump gas. The programmed ECU raises the rev limiters to 9500 rpm for both high and low gear. It has improved throttle response, improved ignition timing advance optimized for 91 octane for maximum power, torque limiters removed (“Shaft Saver delete”) for a much more responsive and fun vehicle and the cooling fan come on 20 degrees lower. The speed limiters are raised so you get 100-percent throttle in high and low gear. If you buy just the exhaust, you can build up to the higher output a piece at a time.

This exhaust uses stock-type mounting and there is a bung for the oxygen sensor.

If you like a throaty exhaust that boosts performance without breaking the bank, the Evo Powersports slip-on is good choice. It is affordable and seems like it will last a good, long time. It is easy to install, has optional heat shield colors and comes with a spark arrestor. Go to www.evopowersports.com  or call (970) 680-3861.



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