We just received a care package from Todd Lentz at EVS Sports. In the past EVS has specialized in protection gear, but just recently expanded their line of goods to compete with several different companies.

Just last week EVS developed grip covers – a product that protects handlebar grips from becoming grimy and oily by mechanics when working on the bike. The covers look pretty cool and are set to retail for $5.95.

Also in the mail came a set of grip donuts. These dense foam donuts are meant to protect a rider from the infamous Yamathumb, or the wearing down of a rider’s right thumb (on the first Metacarpal bone to be technical savvy). The grip donuts retail for $2.95 and are a smart buy if the skin on your first Metacarpal bone is getting irritated. If either of these collectively cool items tickles your fancy, give EVS a call at (888) 873-8423.

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