Fantasy ATV Contest Announced Grand Prize Winner, Karen Schwalm of El Dorado Springs, MO



Fantasy ATV Contest Announced Grand Prize Winner, Karen Schwalm of El Dorado Springs, MO
Suzuki and Yoshimura Step Up and Deliver the Biggest Prize in ATV Racing Contest History – A Doug Gust Replica Suzuki LT-R450!



Mayfield Village, OH  (Oct 11, 2007) – Wanting to bring back the old Fantasy ATV Racing contest that ATV launched back in 2001, Brit Mansell of put together a completely automated system. Thanks to Brit’s hard work Fantasy ATV Racing was once again alive and well in 2007.


Thanks to fine sponsors; Suzuki, Yoshimura, IMS Products, AMSOIL, JPMX, KBC, ITP, MSR and Fullbore several winners were awarded with outstanding prizes. Over 4600 people entered in total, 100 hit exact trifectas and were eligible for the grand prize. One of these 100 eligible persons would win the biggest prize in ATV racing history, a brand new Suzuki LT-R450, but not in stock form, thanks to Suzuki and Yoshimura for going the extra mile (like they often do), the winner would receive a Doug Gust Replica!

Suzuki’s Doug Gust and Rod Lopusnak drew the winning ticket at the WPSA ATV Tour awards banquet in Boswell, PA. Doug Gust himself pulled the winning name, Karen Schwalm of El Dorado Springs, MO.


“I chose the exact podium at the first round of the series. It was Natalie, Gust and Wimmer,” says Karen. “My son and I follow the sport pretty closely. We both ride and he races as well.”

What will Karen do with the new Suzuki? “I am giving it to my son to race in the 2008 season. He is in his second year of racing. He’s just as excited as I am about the whole thing, and we’re thrilled it’s a Suzuki!”  She added, “The Fantasy ATV Racing thing is AWESOME! I feel that everyone should participate in next year’s contest. It makes following the sport even better. We’ve really enjoyed rooting for our picks this year.


Karen had this to say about her Suzuki grand prize. “My son loves his LTR 450. Suzuki makes the best ATVs on the market! And they support the sport bigger and better than anyone by far! We are looking forward a lifetime with Suzuki ATVs.”




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