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AMA Grand National Championship MX Series – Round 9 Budds Creek MX – Budds Creek, MD

The final round of the AMA GNC MX series was held this past weekend at Budds Creek in Maryland. This was the first time the GNC ATV Series raced on the track made famous by their dirt bike national events. Three-time GNC Champion, Tim Farr, had a twenty-two-point lead on reigning GNC Champion, Jeremiah Jones going into the race. Farr simply needed a respectable finish to take home his fourth GNC Championship.

In Sunday’s first Pro moto, Doug Gust grabbed the holeshot. Jones and Farr followed Gust around the first corner. Jones passed Gust a few laps into the race to take over the lead. Farr was determined to stay out of trouble. When Joe Byrd came up to challenge Farr for third place, Farr decided to not put up a fight. The race finished with Jones taking the first moto win followed by Gust, Byrd, and Farr.

As the gates dropped in the second moto, it was Jones who rounded the first corner with the lead. Gust and Farr were close behind. About mid-way through the second moto, Jones made a mistake over a tabletop jump that sent him over top the berm in the following corner. Jones came off his quad for a few seconds allowing Gust to take over the lead. Jones got going in time to pull out just in front of Farr. The trio that has been dominating the motocross series all year finished in that order. Gust was excited to take the overall win as he took the checkered flag and Farr took the coveted MX Championship.

“What a great feeling! I started out the season pursuing this Championship way back in March. We have worked very hard this year and it all paid off. It has really been a great year for me as I also won the Indoor Championship this winter and got married. I could not have asked for a much better year!” said Farr following the race. “I would like to thank my sponsors. Without their tremendous support this season, this would not have been possible.”

Pro Class Results:
1.Doug Gust (TC Racing, DG Performance)
2.Jeremiah Jones (Curtis Sparks Racing, Klotz)
3.Tim Farr (DG Performance, Baldwin Motorsports, Titan Tires, Kames Sports Center, D.I.D., PEP)

Overall 2002 GNC MX Championship Series Results:
1.Tim Farr
2.Jeremiah Jones
3.Doug Gust

Special thanks to Tim Farr’s associate sponsors: White Brothers, Wiseco, O’Neal, Scott Goggles, PJ1, Douglas Wheel, Division Four, Full Bore Plastics, Sidi, Fischer Cycle Racing, Hinson Racing, Laeger, Outerwears, Rath Racing, and Pro Design

Next Stop: Baja 1000 – November 21 – Baja, Mexico

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