PRODUCT TEST: Fasst Co. Flexx Handlebar

Even though today’s new ATVs are being equipped better and better, we don’t always leave them stock. No matter if you ride once or twice a year, go out every weekend or race, all enthusiasts love to personalize their machines to fit their needs or style of riding. Handlebars are a great place to start, as they almost always improve durability and handling. Fasst Company’s Flexx handlebar system is one of today’s most popular setups and does require a big investment of $359. We will be replacing Pro Taper’s Contour handlebars that come stock on a Yamaha YFZ450R. We have a lot of time on the quad in stock trim, so we should notice a substantial difference in feel, fatigue and handling with the Flexx bars.

We’re using a stock steering stem, and everything bolts up just as our stock bars did. The Flexx bar requires a 1 1/8-inch clamp, so they only fit in clamps of that size. If you have a standard 7/8-inch like what comes stock on the Honda 450, bar adapters are required. If we had to go that route, we usually rely on adapters from Rox Speed FX. On our install there was no clutch or throttle free-play adjustments needed, and the stock light switch fit too.

The Fasst Co. Flexx is a three-piece, flexible and adjustable handlebar. Each handlebar comes with different compression and rebound bushings (or elastomers), the thinner bushings being the rebound and thicker being compression. They are color-coded from blue (soft), yellow (medium), red (stiff) and black (firm). This allows for great adjustability for different conditions and riding styles. No other full-sized handlebar on the market offers this.

To get a good feel for the Flexx bar we tried various setups. With blue (compression) and yellow (rebound), you feel a lot of movement in the bars, both upward and downward, which would be useful in more rocky/ technical terrain at slower speeds. At high speeds it seemed to max out the blue bushing on hard hits. We also gave red a try. It felt great out on the track and was firm both downward and upward. The bar still had great feeling absorbing all the ruts, short landings and rocks. Red (compression) with yellow (rebound) was a great setup. It was firm on the hard hits and also had great movement under acceleration when you’re really gripping the bars. It seemed that it allowed for the red bushing to absorb bigger impacts. Yellow with red had more movement than the opposite setting, but was much softer on the big hits like flat landings. After testing the different setups, it didn’t take long to realize how the small amount of movement that the Flexx handlebars provide affect how you ride. The rougher the track, the better the Flexx bars seem to help. With stock bars we dread going on trails littered with roots and rocks, especially with stock suspension. The Flexx bars provide that little bit of comfort that the shocks may not. No matter what terrain we are riding in, the Fasst Co. Flexx handlebars noticeably improve the ride more than any other handlebar you can buy.

We were very impressed with Fasst Company’s Flexx handlebar system, which is not only eye-catching, durable, low maintenance and adjustable for rider preference, but will help us out on the track, the desert or any type of terrain we like to ride on! We love to see companies improve their products over the years, and Fasst Company puts a lot of effort into the handlebars to make sure they are as good as they can be. For more information about the Flexx handlebars, or maybe you’d like to get a set, get a hold of Fasst Company at (877) 306-1801 or just visit their website at