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By the staff of Dirt Wheels

The Sand Show is huge, so companies go all out to attract the eye. Dragonfire pretty much nailed the concept with this unusual color palette. The booth also featured an eye-grabbing RZR pavement racer and a fully decked-out Honda Talon. Dragonfire: (800) 708-9803,


Every year companies, vendors, gearheads, adventurers, drivers, riders, and racers come together in Costa Mesa, California, for the Sand Sports Super Show. The show includes everything geared towards the off-road world, but with a heavy emphasis on rides, equipment, apparel, and haulers to get you to the sand.

For the past few years, UTVs have dominated space and interest. High-dollar sand cars are still prevalent, but as UTVs grow more capable, more folks are happy with a turnkey machine. Quads used to be a huge part of the show. They had dwindled, but we saw more companies with quads and even three-wheelers in booths than we have in years.

Sand Show has many companies that are just showing their products, but a large number sell products, and people come for those show special prices. There are a number of raffles and giveaways, and interest was high for the new Polaris UTVs that were given away.


The same was true of fans checking out the new RZR Pro XP and the Can-Am X3 RR variants. Apparel, stock and aftermarket parts, and even complete stock and modified machines were for sale. You could also take home a toy hauler or even a new motorhome if your checkbook could stand it. The crowds in the aisles looked like record attendance to us. Be sure to visit the show next year!

All of the big UTV brands were on hand, but there are always a number of smaller companies on display. Here are the machines, parts, and people that caught our eye.

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It was great to see a resurgence of quads and three-wheelers at the Sand Show. This beauty of a Banshee in the Elka booth showed the brand’s continued support for new and old quads. Elka Suspension: (800) 557-0552,

By far the most popular three-wheeler at the show was the ATC70. There were two wildly modified ones, along with two modded Yamaha Tri-Zingers in the Rugged Radios booth. Rugged also expanded its line of vintage-themed modern UTVs. This Polaris RS1-based creation evokes the feeling of the early single-seat race buggies! Rugged Radios: (888) 541-7223,

Polaris had two stands on its display where folks could sign up to win a new RZR! As you can imagine, the place was hopping! This custom RZR Pro XP was prominently displayed in the Polaris booth, but it remained hidden in plain sight. They didn’t mention that this is a 72-inch version! Perhaps it will be available soon.

Maier displayed this trick ATC70 with an electric-start Chinese Piranha 140cc pit bike race engine in it. There was a whole wall of ATC70 plastic parts. Behind the ATC you can see the RZR and Can-Am X3 body parts that are new for the company and selling like crazy. Maier Mfg.: (800) 33-MAIER,

Think four-seaters are big business? Simpson was just one of the many seat companies offering a bench rear seat for RZR and Can-Am X3 four-seaters. Naturally, there was a huge display of other Simpson products. Simpson Race Products: (800) 654-7223,

ICON has always had some amazing automotive wheels, but now the company has UTV products ready to go. ICON Vehicle Dynamics www.iconvehicle

Sandcraft has some great products that aid longevity for machines that are driven hard in the dunes. For the most part, the products are hidden when installed, so the company came up with this display to show off the wares. Sandcraft RCR Motorsports: (480) 539-4438,

How big is your hauler? This monster Off the Grid Expeditions hauler was part of the giant Can-Am display. Visitors walked past it on the way to check out the new X3 RRs. Off the Grid has a wide variety of Baja-based expeditions.

Bert’s Mega Mall always books a huge hall, and they had this innovative sales tool. Each machine had an accessory package card that detailed the list of popular parts added to the machine, as well as how much those additions would add to the monthly payment.

Walker Evans had two of the newest machines around—the RZR Pro XP and the Honda Talon R—in its booth and fitted with Velocity Series shocks. We’d love to try that Honda! Walker Evans Racing: (951) 784-7223,

SuperATV knows how to grab attention at the Sand Show—bring a monster-lifted, four-wheel-steering mud rig to the party! Naturally, the company has products better suited to sand as well.

Yamaha had a large display of UTVs and even its turbo kit, but it was nice to see quads and even electric bikes in the display.

If you thought the Mothers brand was just wax, you better think again. It featured a huge display of products to keep your hauler and the toys looking great.

Rooftop tents in general and expedition builds were popular at the Sand Show. This Kombustion rig in the Tensor tire booth was an eye-catcher. Look for more on this one in a future issue of Dirt Wheels.

We were most impressed with the metal products that Extreme Performance displayed at the show. The doors fit perfectly and were effortless to close. It also displayed metal fender flares and suspension parts. Extreme Performance: (909) 887.8000,

There was plenty of serious business going on at the Assault Ind. booth. It was busy constantly, and it was filled with quality builds. The company knows how to have fun. Its Polaris General adventure build was fitted with a rear-seat bathroom, mannequin, and a TP roll attached to the door! Assault Industries: (714) 799-6711,

RCV Performance had displays for the tremendously strong axle they build in the U.S., as well as ultralight but strong carbon fiber prop shafts.

Matrix Off-Road is a complete shop, but our eyes were snagged by these stick-on, non-slip UTV floor

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