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By the staff of Dirt Wheels

QUADS OF THE WORCS RACES. World Off-Road Championship Series (WORCS) is one of the major quad competitions on the West Coast. It requires an interesting combination of motocross start, jumps, and turn skills, but the courses are much longer and the races last for an hour.

We went to the season opener at Primm, Nevada, and the course seemed like it held several hundred turns. We can’t imagine that anyone could memorize the entire course like a motocross race. For the past two years, the races have also included a mandatory pit stop.

We decided that we would take a quick look at the top machines of the WORCS ATV classes. As it turned out, that is all we could get. For the pros, there is a practice on Saturday, and naturally, the course is well-watered, and the quads get muddy.

For the Sunday race, the quads need to be washed and checked over and any adjustments made. It turned out that the only time the machines were clean and the riders had a few moments were on the starting grid. We’ll take it.



Reigning and multi-time champion Beau Baron races ATVs, UTVs, and sometimes motorcycles. We asked if he could tell us something about his quad, and here’s what he had to say: “I was a durability test rider for Honda for many years, and I think they are the most reliable platform to start with.

Plus, they are the lightest. The TRX hasn’t really changed since 2006, so parts-wise, they are all the same after that. The ‘05 has a more durable transmission, but overall the later ones run better. Start with a ‘06-or-newer TRX450 and take it down to the frame. Have it gusseted by Doug Roll and put it back together. Sparks Racing builds the motors with a 14:1 piston, cam, stiffer valve springs, and exhaust. Run CST Pulse HT tires with the TireBlocks run-flat system on DWT RokOut front wheels and Ultimate G2 rear beadlocks.

Get Elka Stage 5 shocks engineered and tested with Doug Roll, and mate them with Roll Design A-Arms, steering stem, heel guards, and nerf bars. Get IMS footpegs and a 3.7-gallon tank with a dry break system. Use a Baldwin swingarm pivot bolt, JB racing swingarm, Precision Stabilizer, Fasst Flexx bars, and a Motion Pro 1/4-turn twist throttle.

I use an RPM Dominator 2 axle, Quad Tech front hood and seat cover, a Works Connection perch and block-off plate, CV4 radiator hoses, Sunstar sprockets, Braking wave rotors, a TCS skid plate, and Finishline graphics. I get parts from Immortal ATV, ‘05 hubs and spindles, the tank seat washer from Rath Racing, as well as my kill switch set-up. I maintain it with Maxima Racing oils and a ProFilter oil filter.”



In the roughly 15 years Beau Baron has been racing WORCS on quads, only four other men won a WORCS ATV Pro championship. Mike Sloan is one of those. He won the series in 2018. He is a Yamaha guy allied with Dasa Racing for engine performance. Sloan runs a complete Hinson clutch to harness the Dasa power. Like most of the class leaders, he relies on Doug Roll and Roll Design for his suspension arms and tuning for the Elka suspension. He runs a Roll stem, Precision Racing Products stabilizer, and Fasst Flexx bar. He runs DWT wheels surrounded by GBC tires stuffed full of Tire Balls. Tire Balls allow traction and suspension to feel like running air but resist full-tire failure. He runs a Campbell Racing Fabrication 1/2-inch skid plate. Galfer brakes stop his Yamaha. IMS Products makes sure he has the fuel for an hour-long race. The Yamaha seat is already low, but Sloan runs a Lonestar adjustable subframe that allows him to lower it further. Rath Racing makes his nerfs and footpegs. Since he is originally from remote Page, Arizona, he has some interesting sponsors, like Antelope Slot Canyon Tours, B, and B Auto Repair, Avina Prep, and Thrill Seekers.



Like his friend, riding partner, and former pro champ Mike Sloan, Jarrett Curley is from remote Page, Arizona, near Lake Powell. Curley moved into the 2020 Pro ATV class at barely 16 years of age. He went straight from the Prod C class to a single B-class race. At 13, WORCS told him his lap times were quick enough for Pro-Am if he wanted to race that in the night show at the Orleans Arena. He did two years in the Pro-Am class. He isn’t the first Curley in the Pro-Am class, Sister Breanna won the Women A class several years, and she raced some Pro-Am races.

Jarrett races the Expert class in Best in the Desert and local AZOP races on dirt bikes. For his Pro ATV debut, he did more Elka suspension testing with Doug Roll. He runs a Roll Design swingarm and front end. Fastheads in St. George, Utah, does the heads, but his father assembles the engines with a 14.5:1 compression piston and a Sparks Racing exhaust. In the off-season, he got picked up by Maxxis and Dirt Fiend graphics. Inside the Maxxis tires are TireBlocks, and they mount on DWT rims. He runs an IMS tank, the Fasst Flexx bar, and a Precision steering damper. He gets help from AEO, a dealer out of Phoenix, Arizona.



This is the second year for Logan Huff in the Pro ATV class. He has been checking out some desert team races, and he is building a third quad for motocross. It will stay up north so he can try his hand at Quadcross Northwest. Huff is another Yamaha guy racing the YFZ450R. He uses Fastheads for the cylinder head work mated to a Hot Cams cam and Cylinder Works stock-bore high-compression cylinder and piston. Like Sloan, he runs an FMF exhaust, a Fuel Customs intake, and a Hinson clutch lubricated by Maxima. Doug Roll and Roll Designs handles the suspension arms and the tuning for the Elka shocks. He runs the Roll linkage on the stock swingarm, but with the Teixeira Tech swingarm skid plate and sprocket guard. The rest of the underbelly is protected with a Campbell Racing Fabrication 3/8-inch skid plate. He runs a Fastway System 5 steering damper. An Antigravity lightweight battery fires the quad. As the rider support and ergo specialist at Fasst Company, you can be sure he runs a Flexx handlebar and rear brake-return spring. Galfer makes his quad stop. Rath Racing is the source of the nerfs, pegs, and front bumper.

At the ends of the Roll A-arms and the RPM Dominator axle are Goldspeed wheels holding GBC XC Master and Ground Buster III tires filled with TireBlocks. Sunstar handles the drive chores, while Twin Air gets clean air into the intake. SSI keeps the quad looking good with graphics. Huff runs a lower subframe as well, but his is modified stock from Walsh Racecraft.

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