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Why the Future of ATVs May Be Electric

Typically, when we think about electric ATVs, it is with regard to kids. In fact, we posted quite recently about electric machines for kids as a sort of in-between step during the learning progress. A young rider can easily transition from toy vehicles, to a small, electric ATV, and ultimately to a fully gas-powered off-roader […]


Do you have a UTV or an ATV problem? By Joe Kosch Common sense and doctors agree; things that can be enjoyable and healthy in the right amounts can be harmful if you overdo it. If exercise or shopping can become addictive, I thought something really fun like UTVing or ATVing could be a problem if […]


Not riding could hurt your health By Joe Kosch Weeks went by and a finger on my right hand was the only thing that hadn’t healed from a crash I had, so I had a doctor look at it. “How did you injure it?” the good doctor asked.  “I crashed riding an ATV, I said  “Hmmm. […]


How the fast guys roll By the staff of Dirt Wheels The World Off-Road Championship Series (WORCS) is one of the major quad competitions on the West Coast. It requires an interesting combination of motocross start, jump and turn skills, but the courses are much longer and the races last for an hour. We went to […]


What people really take on the trail By Casey Kramer Whether you’re an expert who has ridden every trail in the world or you can’t even spell “preparedness,” we’ve got you covered with all the tools and supplies you need to make your ride safe, comfortable and enjoyable. Not only will we tell you exactly what to […]

Why Should You Check the VIN Code Right Now?

Each vehicle, be it a car or a motorcycle, has its own unique identifier — the VIN code that allows you to find out just everything about the means of transport. This number is assigned to the vehicle by the manufacturer and serves as its ID. Every driver must know how to determine the VIN […]


Doing the Can-Am crush By the staff of Dirt Wheels Polaris has pretty much claimed ownership of the UTV race that is part of the two-week rock-and dust-fest that is King of the Hammers. This originally tiny event held among friends has grown into an international happening, like the child of Burning Man and the Baja 1000. […]

EVENT: 2020 Tensor Tire Parker “250”

The fastest racing in the west By the staff of Dirt Wheels The sun-kissed, rugged mountains of Parker, Arizona, rang with the roar of high-performance race engines as quads and dirt bikes left the starting line in pairs of two every 30 seconds to duel through the desert. The more-than-80-mile course of the 2020 Best in […]


Attack of the affordable UTVs! By Joe Kosch Just like lots of Dirt Wheels readers, I have to avoid tripping on my tongue when I see a machine like Can-Am’s Maverick X3 X rc Turbo RR or the Polaris RZR Pro XP Ultimate. That can be embarrassing when lots of people are around, like when Polaris […]


The perfect power equation By the staff of Dirt Wheels Power is something humankind craves, but off-road riders lust for it entirely. We want engines that push more ponies and rocket our wheeled steeds onward with an epic forcefulness you won’t feel elsewhere. There are a variety of methods that will let your machine gain more […]


Dirt Wheels Greatest Hits are machines that our fans liked the most according to their interactions.  So we put together the top 15 most popular posts from the last year to bring you all the best content in one package! We don’t always get a lot of information about the epic machines our readers send […]

How Dirt Fans Can Keep Busy During Lockdown

Lockdown has affected us all in some way or another. We have additional time spent in our homes, rather than going to the latest dirt racing event. There are signs of change, but we may have to wait a while before seeing significant events again. What, therefore, can dirt fans do to keep themselves busy […]