FIRST LOOK: Ride Command for ATVs and a new Ranger 570 

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

Polaris continues a trend of great General XP 1000 special models with the Trailhead Edition in both two-and four-seat versions. Both are packed with desirable features.


Polaris Off-Road has released details for the model year 2022 line. So far the news consists mostly of updates and fine-tuning, though there are some new trim packages and an all-new Ranger 570 and youth RZR 200.

One of the more exciting new trim packages is the General XP 1000 Trailhead Edition. Polaris has hit a home run with both the General and the General XP, and the company has grown that success with special editions that tailor the machine for distinct user groups. The Trailhead Edition is loaded with premium performance features and expanded overall capability on the trails. This newest General is for outdoor enthusiasts seeking new destinations and raising the bar on adventure.

Like all of the General XP Special Editions, the Trailhead is well-equipped with Ride Command GPS and information technology combined with a Rockford Fosgate Stage 3 audio system. It has a Polaris 4500-pound HD auto-stop winch with synthetic rope. There is also Plow mode. When equipped with Plow mode and a Polaris snowplow system, when you shift to low, the plow drops, and when you shift into reverse, it lifts. That makes plowing snow a breeze.

All of the General XPs are ultra-capable with Walker Evans Velocity Series shocks and 30-inch Pro Armor Crawler XG tires. The Trailhead Edition has special colors and a dual-level adventure bed rack above the 600-pound-capacity dumping cargo box. It has a sport front bumper with a Pro Armor 11-inch light bar to complement the LED headlights.

We love the Ride Command features and GPS display in UTVs, and we can’t see any reason why it won’t be just as much of a game-changer for the 4×4 ATV line.



For the first time Polaris has factory-equipped portions of the ATV line with a 7-inch glove-touch display powered by Ride Command, featuring GPS navigation and communication technology. We have a lot of experience with Ride Command in UTVs, and it truly adds to the experience. When you are in new riding spots, or revisiting one you haven’t seen in a while, the built-in, easy-to-follow GPS is a great help with navigation. You feel secure exploring, knowing you can easily follow the track back to your starting point. At this point the Ride Command is standard on the Limited Edition Sportsman 570 and XP 1000 ATVs. Those are excellent choices. The 570 is a best seller and an amazing quad, and the 1000 is the choice for those looking for serious power.

A roof, dedicated color scheme, winch, stereo, Ride Command, bumper, light bar and bed storage solutions are all standard on the General XP 1000 Trailhead Edition.


After spending a lot of time and technology updating the high-end, big-bore Ranger models, Polaris has an all-new Ranger SP 570 for 2022. Polaris says the 570 is “purpose-built for families, property owners, ranchers, and hunters that work hard and play hard.” Like other new Polaris models, the Ranger SP 570 has what the company calls “rider-inspired” capability, comfort and durability features. Essentially, Polaris polled owners of existing Ranger models, asked what features they wanted, then actually listened to the owners. Then, during a ground-up redesign, Polaris employed changes based on that owner feedback.

It features updated styling, a redesigned interior with more space and nearly 20 gallons of in-cab storage. The completely redesigned cargo box is nearly 30 percent larger with a new single-handle tailgate. Riders will immediately notice more legroom and overall space when getting in and out of the vehicle. All-new seats are crafted with stronger materials for increased durability and rider comfort.

This Ranger SP 570 has the suspension travel for recreation, with 9 inches of front travel from MacPherson struts and 10 inches of rear-wheel travel. The proven ProStar 570 engine packs a class-leading 44 horsepower, and the Ranger can tow up to 1500 pounds. The clutch system has been upsized and re-tuned, providing strength and improved low-speed driveability.

It is equipped with 25-inch tires that add an inch of ground clearance compared to the previous model. Maintenance-free suspension bushings and wheel bearings come standard on every model, offering a smoother, quieter ride. Its compact 56-inch width makes it easy to ride on tight trails and is ideal for storage and transport. An improved turning radius makes navigating tight corners a breeze.

Polaris recently revised the ultra-popular Sportsman 570 and the beastly powerful Sportsman 1000. For 2022 they are available with Ride Command and a 7-inch glove-touch display screen.


On premium trims, an upgraded 575-cca battery, 660-watt stator and Polaris Pulse Electrical system deliver enhanced charging, more confident starting and the ability to easily run more accessories.

The Ranger SP 570 is available in both two-seat and Crew models, and it is offered in two trims. All new for 2022 is the class-exclusive Ranger SP 570 NorthStar Edition, featuring a fully enclosed cab and factory-installed heating.

With the Ranger SP 570 NorthStar Edition there is no off-season, whether you are having fun or getting work done. The factory-installed heating keeps riders comfortable while working, plowing, hunting and riding in the cold. The class-exclusive Pro Shield cab system, including all-new doors and full crank-down windows, make the ride comfortable in dust, snow or rain.

Prices are reasonable for the performance and features. The Ranger SP 570 starts at $10,499 U.S. MSRP, with the Ranger Crew SP 570 only $11,999 MSRP. Naturally, the fully enclosed Ranger SP 570 NorthStar Edition costs more, but it is $16,999 and $19,499 MSRP for the Ranger Crew SP 570.

Whether you are looking for a partner for work or play, the all-new Ranger SP 570 should fit the bill. It has a proven 44-horsepower single engine with a larger, stronger clutch.


Polaris offers 40 all-new accessories for the Ranger SP 570, along with four new accessory collections: Landowner, Farm, Hunt and Trail. With the launch of the Ranger SP 570 comes the introduction of Polaris Pro Shield cab components to the lineup. The tightest-sealing cab system from Polaris reduces noise, water and dust in the cab for maximum rider comfort. Additionally, riders can enjoy their favorite songs wirelessly through the JBL Trail 4.0 audio system.

Other customization options include Lock & Ride storage to transport gear and tools, or a 7-inch display powered by Ride Command technology for GPS mapping, dropping waypoints and much more. For riders looking for added protection for their investment, brush guards and rock guards are available to protect the front, rear and sides of the vehicle.

Youth UTVs are taking off. The all-new RZR 200 replaces the RZR 170. It has 24-inch tires, 7 inches of wheel travel and hard doors in addition to RZR Pro XP styling.



Some of the biggest news in RZR is about the smallest model. The new RZR 200 EFI is styled after the RZR Pro XP with hard doors and LED lights front and rear, and it offers more power and capability for youth riders. The all-new EFI 180cc engine is larger than the 170 it replaces, and RZR 200 has 24-inch tires and 7 inches of wheel travel! The original RZR 800 and the new Ranger 500 just have tires that are only an inch taller and not much more travel!

In addition to modern looks and more performance, the RZR 200 has some very cool new safety features. One is Ride Control, and the other is Helmet Aware technology. Youth Ride Control lets parents limit vehicle speed via a phone app. They may also set boundaries that will control the speed in that area with geo-fencing and speed limiting.

Helmet Aware Technology uses a Bluetooth sensor on the youth helmets. 

Without the helmets, the RZR doesn’t move, or can be speed-restricted.

The styling now matches the larger Ranger models. The cab and bed have more room, and the mid-size machine is available in a full-cab NorthStar Edition with in-cab heater.



For high-performance machines that Polaris now designates “multi-terrain,” Polaris has a single version of the RZR RS1 and four RZR XP 1000 models, including Trails and Rocks and High-Lifter Special Editions. There are only Sport and Premium for the RZR XP 1000 4, but the RZR Pro XP and Pro XP 4 come in Sport, Premium and Ultimate. The Ultimate package includes Ride Command and Dynamix computer-controlled suspension. Sport is the base trim level, and it offers a lot of value! The MSRP is $21,999 for the two-seater. That is a 181-horsepower turbocharged machine with long-travel suspension. This is Polaris’ latest sport technology. The Pro XP 4 Sport starts at $24,999.

What is missing from the line is the 72-inch Turbo S in all of its forms. We find it unlikely that Polaris will simply abandon the 72-inch sport category to its competition. No doubt there will be further announcements to fill what looks like a gap in the sport performance line.

The RZR full-size lineup receives a series of upgrades, including an in-dash trickle-charging port that streamlines battery service and more-efficient charging on RZR XP models, while the Pro XP Premium and Ultimate models gain increased rider comfort and protection from the elements thanks to new door inserts.

Polaris upgraded the appearance of the 50- and 60-inch RZR Trail and the RZR Trail S lines in 2021. They are back, but Polaris didn’t list any new changes.

In the high-performance sport UTV arena, Polaris has versions of the naturally aspirated XP 1000 and the turbocharged RZR Pro XP line. For now, there are no announcements of any 72-inch machines from Polaris.



Also new for 2022 is an all-new line of Rhino-Rack storage solutions and accessories designed specifically for the Ranger and General. The new line includes outdoor adventure accessories, like easy-to-use roof racks, bed racks and other accessories to help users get more done or stay organized. Designed with the latest in carrier technology and tested to rigorous off-road standards, the exclusive Rhino-Rack storage solutions maximize storage capacity for the Ranger and General with easy installation.

The line includes a Ranger rear bed rack and roof racks. The rear bed rack and three-seat roof rack attach to the roof or bed of the Ranger with Rhino-Rack mounts (sold separately) to carry cargo overhead, maximize capacity in the bed of the machine and free up space in the cab. Crew roof rack and mount are also available.

The General Lock & Ride rear bed rack quickly attaches to the bed of your General so you can adapt your vehicle from workday to weekend, maximizing cargo capacity in the bed and freeing up space in the cab. Rhino-Rack mounts and accessories securely fasten all of the tools and gear needed on the trail for easy access. Accessories include a spare tire holder, multi-purpose tool holder, traction board mount, gun mounting bracket, cargo corner bracket and high-lifting jack mount.

These quality, rust-resistant, welded, modular racks and accessories are trail- and work-tested to tackle any project or adventure. Rhino-Rack storage and accessories will be available at Polaris dealers and online at www.polaris.com now.

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