Ride Command +, updates, colors, a General XP Sport and an electric Ranger XP Kinetic
By the staff of Dirt Wheels

This year—2022—was an interesting year from Polaris. There was a modest new-model release, and later special editions and the bombshell RZR Turbo and RZR Pro R. For the Pro R in particular, the problem has been how to build enough and get them to the dealers. It is not a surprise that the RZR Pro R updates are primarily color changes and fresh trim offerings.

The class-smashing Polaris RZR Pro R line is back for 2023 but with color changes. Polaris will likely concentrate on building enough to meet demand.



The 74-inch-wide RZR Turbo R will feature new black fenders and rockers, plus two new colorways. One is the dark and menacing look of Matte Onyx Black, and the other is Orange Madness—our favorite Polaris color of the year.

The multi-terrain RZR Pro XP in Premium trim will now feature a PMX head unit by Rockford Fosgate to take your audio experience to the next level. The Polaris RZR Pro R starts at $37,499. It is available in two-seat and four-seat. The Polaris RZR Turbo R starts at $27,799, and it is available in two-seat and four-seat as well.

Returning to the line, the 64-inch Polaris RZR Pro XP can be had for as little as $24,599, though four-seat models are more. Polaris’ do-it-all four-seat RZR XP 1000 is a favorite for UTV rental companies. With a normally aspirated 999cc engine, the XP prices begin at $21,899 for two-seaters.

After major updates in 2022, the 60-inch Polaris RZR Trail S ($17,899 to start) and 50-inch Polaris RZR Trail ($15,499) will return. They should hit dealers around the time you read this.

The Polaris General has had three trim levels, including a base Sport model, but until 2023, the General XP 1000 hasn’t had the Sport version. Now it does in two- and four-seat.


Polaris hit a home run with the General line. In all trim levels it has sport performance with a fantastic cab and the ability to work or play. Polaris continues to expand normal models and adds special editions. For 2023 a new base-model General XP 1000 Sport should let even more people enjoy the General experience at a great price.

Both the 62.5-inch General and the 64-inch General XP 1000 come in two-seat and four-seat in three trim levels, as well as special editions!

The proven and affordable RZR XP 1000 returns with several trim levels in two- and four-seat. It is the perfect tool for off-road conditions in many parts of the country.


Polaris introduced Ride Command a few years ago when it wasn’t much more than a GPS system, but nonstop development and advancement have made it an infotainment system that is a genuine reason to stay loyal to the brand. It is that good! It’s naturally a GPS but also includes Group Ride and much more. Polaris is significantly expanding its Ride Command service with the all-new Ride Command +. Building on Ride Command’s existing features, Ride Command + helps riders stay connected to their vehicle through a mobile-enabled service that provides a new level of vehicle information, security and control. Ride Command + is accessed through the Polaris app, Ride Command website or the in-vehicle display system.

Ride Command + provides convenient access to vehicle’s health and location via smartphone or mobile device. It features vehicle-to-cellular connectivity that allows riders to check on the vehicle’s status, while its Vehicle Health feature will issue diagnostic reports and monitor fuel/charge levels to confirm the vehicle’s readiness. The Ride Command + Vehicle Locator feature delivers a pinpoint location to the machine.

Polaris will continue to expand the Ride Command + service using Over the Air (OTA) updates. Coming later in 2022, Ride Command + will offer Location and Bump Alerts. Bump Alert, a 24/7 monitoring feature, will send a notification any time the vehicle has been bumped or moved. If moved, the Vehicle Locator feature will provide its latest coordinates. In addition, Polaris will introduce Ride Tracking +, where riders can automatically track their rides using the vehicle’s GPS location without having to use their mobile phone’s data. After the ride, riders will be able to generate a full report from the day’s ride, including time logged, miles traveled, waypoints and elevation changes.

Ride Command + will launch standard on all 2023 Ranger XP Kinetic models and all 2023 Ranger XP 1000 Northstar Trail Boss Edition models. The service is available as an accessory for many Ranger and Sportsman models. Polaris plans to further roll out vehicle compatibility for Ride Command +. Riders will receive a 36-month trial of Ride Command + when purchasing the stock models standard with the service. Riders adding Ride Command + will receive a 12-month trial. At the conclusion of each trial period, riders can sign up and continue the service for $99 a year.

The Ride Command infotainment systems return, and it remains a great reason to choose Polaris. New for 2023 is Ride Command + with many new features. It’s not for RZRs yet, though.


Ranger has several rider-inspired upgrades across its 2023 lineup. The 2023 Ranger XP 1000 NorthStar Trail Boss comes with a new LED rear work light, a new 12-volt cargo box power port and a new overhead switch panel so customers can add additional lighting and other accessory switches. Last, this model will come with Ride Command +. Other Ranger XP 1000 and 1000 customers can purchase the LED rear work light, 12-volt cargo box power and overhead switch panel as accessories.

Ranger installed LED headlights to all Premium trims, now including the Ranger SP 570 Premium, 1000 Premium and XP 1000 Premium. Additionally, the Ranger SP 570 Premium, XP 1000 Premium and XP 1000 NorthStar will come stock with a USB charging port in the dash.

The biggest Ranger news is the powerful new electric Ranger XP Kinetic. It delivers 140 pound-feet of torque, two times more torque than any other utility side-by-side on the market, to deliver faster acceleration and instant pulling power.

With an electric powertrain, there’s less scheduled maintenance and more uptime. It has been tested in extreme conditions and is backed by a three-year electric powertrain coverage and five-year battery coverage. Forget about oil changes, filter replacements, spark plugs or clutch maintenance. Scheduled maintenance costs are estimated to be 70-percent less than similar gas-powered vehicles.

Polaris’ Scrambler 4×4 is a staff favorite. It comes as an 850 without EPS, a 1000 with EPS and in the 55-inch-wide Scrambler S. The S will not be available in some states.
Two-up Sportsman Touring quads return as well. They are a great way to hit narrow trails with a friend.
We are huge fans of the Polaris RZR Turbo R 4, and for 2023, it comes in our favorite Polaris color of the year. This is an amazing machine in the rough.


Polaris Sportsman gets new colors on the 450, 570 and 850 lineups for a fresh look. Additionally, 2023 Sportsman 450 and 570 models include redesigned rear rack extenders. New CV guards were added on the Sportsman 570 EPS and Premium models for added durability and protection in rough terrain. To maximize productivity, the 450 and 570 feature two-times-longer service intervals.

Polaris’ Scrambler sport 4×4 returns as an 850 and 1000, and a 55-inch-wide Scrambler 1000 S. The Sportsman line will also have a Sportsman 1000 S. “S” models are not available in all states.

Polaris has a great line of Youth ATVs and UTVs. They are loaded with fun for the youngsters and safety features for the parents.
This is the luxury suite in OHVs. The Ranger XP 1000 Northstar Edition Trail Boss has a full cab, stereo, power windows, windshield with wipers, cab heat and air conditioning!
Polaris’ RZR Trail platform has the 50-inch Trail and the 60-inch Trail S. Both are fun, great-looking little machines for tight trail work.


For 2023, Polaris expands its Outlaw 70 EFI lineup with a Limited Edition (LE) trim option in Lime Squeeze, providing stand-out style. The 2023 Ranger 150 EFI utility UTV comes with new seat belt and shift boot covers in a new Avalanche Grey color. Safety features in all youth side-by-sides include helmet-aware technology, digital speed limiting and geo-fencing, while youth ATVs come with an adjustable speed limiter and safety tether.

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