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The Textron Off-Road Wildcat X LTD is super well equipped with long-travel suspension and Team clutching for $18,999. For $2000 more than the base model you get a roof, full doors, beadlock rims and Elka Stage 5 shocks!


There are three versions of the Alterra 700 starting in price at $5999, though the radical MudPro is a loftier $9999 but is fully dialed for mud riding and competition.


The Alterra 500 4×4 quad is value-priced machine at $4999.


2018 Textron Line

The 2018 Textron Off-Road lineup will consist of a mix of Stampede (formerly Bad Boy Off-Road) and a variety of quads and UTVs that were formerly Arctic Cat. On the ATV side, Textron will have the $4999 Alterra 500 4×4, $5999 Alterra VLX 700 and $6999 Alterra VLX 700 EPS, $9799 Alterra TBX 700 and $9999 Alterra MudPro 700 LTD. Dealers still have the following 2017 quads under the Arctic Cat name while inventory lasts: Alterra 90, Alterra DVX 90, Alterra 150, Alterra 300, two-up Alterra TRV 500, Alterra TRV 700 XT EPS, Alterra 700, Alterra 700XT EPS and the XC450.

If you need a compact but totally capable machine, take a look at the 700cc Wildcat Trail and Sport models. The 50-inch Trail starts at $12,499 and the wider, longer-travel Sport at $14,599.


Textron’s Stampede is a sporty utility model. The German-designed twin cylinder engine is a smooth and powerful performer, and the ride is compliant. It is called an extra-cab, but the added cargo area between the seats and the bed is more accurately “extra-bed.” It is very
handy for tools and gear.


Working folks will like the $8499 price of the full-featured Prowler 500. It is ready to work or play, or let you play while you work.


On the work and recreation UTV side there is the unique electric Recoil and Recoil iS (independent suspension) models starting at $10,599, the affordable $8499 Prowler 500, capable $13,999 extra-cab Stampede, $14,799 Stampede X, roomy $15,199 Stampede 4 and $15,999 Stampede 4X. On the sporty UTV end of the line is the affordable and trail-legal $11,499 Wildcat Trail 50-inch machine. It is available as a $12,499 Wildcat Trail XT with EPS and $13,499 Wildcat Trail LTD with full doors, EPS and premium wheels. The $14,599 Wildcat Sport XT is wider than the Trail model with longer-travel JRi shocks. The $15,999 Wildcat Sport LTD has Elka Stage 5 shocks and full doors. At the performance end of the current Textron Off-Road UTV offering is the affordable $16,999 Wildcat X. Even though it is a little more expensive at $18,499, the Wildcat X LTD boasts Elka Stage 5 shocks, full doors, a roof, beadlock wheels and ITP Blackwater Evolution tires! The $18,999 Wildcat 4X  only comes in the fully loaded LTD version. Side-by-sides retaining the Arctic Cat brand while inventory lasts are the following: HDX 700 and Prowler 700 HDX Crew.

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