2019 SPORTSMAN 850 & 1000

Fast facts on the big 4x4 quads from Polaris

2019 SPORTSMAN 850 & 1000

You may not always need it, but it’s nice to have massive quantities of horsepower available to your right thumb. Big engines in 4×4 quads are not just about high horsepower, though; it’s also about strong, stump-pulling torque at lower rpm. You basically move quickly down the trail with less pressure on the throttle and an engine running at lower revolutions per minute. If that’s the kind of riding you prefer, then these big Polaris Sportsman quads were made for you.

The Sportsman Hunter can get you deep into the most remote backwoods and is able to carry out some very large game.

Both of these Sportsman models have fuel-injected, parallel twin-cylinder engines with 78 horsepower for the 850 and 90 horsepower for 1000. For 2019 they get a new 67-percent-larger battery providing more security for starting, running a winch, and other electrical accessories. There have been improvements to the adaptive electric power steering and upgrades to the clutch for quicker engagement. The rear dry storage compartment now has a volume of 8 gallons. 

The Sportsman High Lifter 850 has everything you’d want to make it across the soggy bottoms.

2019 SPORTSMAN 850 & 1000

They have the True On-Demand 4WD/2WD system that provides engine braking. There is full independent suspension at all four corners with 9 inches of travel in the front and a little over 10 inches in the rear. Both machines have a 48-inch trail width with a wheelbase of 53 to 54 inches and come with 14-inch wheels. The standard Sportsman 850 is available in Sage Green or Titanium Grey and sells for $8899. The standard Sportsman 1000 comes in Radar Blue and sells for $11,999.

The Sportsman 1000 is a machine that will get you to the top of a tall mountain in a hurry. With 90 horses, it has plenty of power.


Stepping up to the Premium Sportsman gives you factory-installed front and rear bumpers, increased winch capacity, a third LED taillight, premium paint, higher-quality seats, aluminum wheels, and 27-inch Duro Power Grip tires. The Premium 850 comes in Gray Metallic and sells for $10,999. The Premium 1000 comes in Steel Blue and sells for $12,999.

Here’s the king of the swamps. There’s nothing like the growl of a Sportsman High Lifter 1000 as it claws its way through deep mud.

2019 SPORTSMAN 850 & 1000


Both the 850 and 1000 Tourings come with a two-up seat, a longer 57-inch wheelbase, and the same features as the other Sportmans, such as engine braking and Active Descent Control. The 850 comes in Turbo Silver and sells for $11,999. 1000 comes in Light Maroon and sells for $12,999.

The Sportsman 850’s engine cranks out 78 horsepower, and the suspension is outstanding for a big 4×4 quad.


This model comes in Pursuit Camo with a 1000 engine. It also has an all-new Kolpin Stronghold gun boot to protect and safely transport rifles or shotguns. Factory-installed front and rear rack extenders give riders the ability to easily haul their big game, while standard hand and thumb warmers help fend off the cold. The Hunter Edition sells for $12,999.

The Touring Sportsman is stretched a bit to provide room for your best lady friend on the back. It can get through tight trails that a UTV may not fit.

2019 SPORTSMAN 850 & 1000


Both of the 850 and 1000 mud models get higher-strength front half-shafts, high-clearance A-arms, 29.5-inch Outlaw tires, elevated and shielded air intake for the engine and CVT, and mud-specific lower gearing. As you can see, it also has the radiator mounted up where the front racks would go to keep it from being clogged with mud. The 850 HL comes in Cruiser Black and sells for $10,999. The 1000 HL also comes in Cruiser Black and sells for $13,999.

Great power, good suspension, and proper handling manners are what the big Sportsman 4×4 quads are all about for 2019.

More information is available on the big Sportsman 4x4s at http://atv.polaris.com.

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