Video test of the 2019 Polaris RZR XP Turbo S Velocity

Polaris first released the all new RZR XP Turbo S in 2018 with an all new look. In addition to the body style upgrades, the drive train was strengthened, cockpit was redesigned, it came stock with 32″ tires and many of the cars components were made more durable. The new machine also came with the electronically controlled “Dynamix” suspension system, which made this model top of the line along with making the price tag jump too. This year Polaris made the capabilities of the Turbo S more accessible with it’s new Velocity model. The Turbo S Velocity has most of the same advanced features as the original S with the exception of of a few money saving changes. There are no lower door inserts, no roof, no Sparco steering wheel, no ride command, and some lighting features left out. However the most important feature missing is the Dynamix suspension. The new machine gets its’ name from the Walker Evan Velocity series shocks that it proudly displays, and although the shock setup comes stiff from the factory it is easy to modify. The changes made to the Velocity edition give the price a roughly 3,000 dollar price drop. To see more about the Velocity check out our original post HERE or head to to see the full lineup.


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