— Winston “Boss” McKannick is the shop foreman here at Dirt Wheels and one of his main jobs is to help out readers who may have a problem with their quad or UTV. He is the Mister-Know-It-All when it comes to mechanical problems and how to fix them. Today’s question comes from a reader in South Dakota:

Dear Boss,

I purchased a leftover 2016 Polaris Ranger High Lifter 900. I love it, except for its ability to “eat” headlight fuses. About three times a month the 10-amp headlight fuse blows. I do not ride in water, and there appears to be no corrosion in the electrical system anywhere. It’s new after all! The dealer is stumped. So, I am turning to you, Boss, for the “correct fix”!

Stan Dresden
Hoven, SD

I don’t believe you have a problem with your wiring. I suspect it is the Polaris Variable Assist Electric Power Steering (EPS). When you are at slow speed, the EPS uses more electric power, and it is somehow affecting the headlights. There are two solutions. First is to replace the 10-amp headlight fuse with a 15-amp fuse. Your problem will most likely never reoccur. The second is to replace the stock H-13, 50-watt halogen bulbs with a set of 25-watt LED headlight bulbs from Amazon here: .com/dp/B06XHCQ8KY?tag=vs- powersports-convert-amazon-20. This will increase your light output by at least two times, power consumption down 50 percent (25 watts x 2 versus 50 watts x 2), and the color temperature will climb to 6500K versus 3500K with the stock halogens (higher is whiter).

For more info on how to fix problems with your quad or UTV make sure you read the “DIALED IN” page every month in the back of Dirt Wheels magazine. Send your questions to Boss McKannick and include your name, city & state. E-mail to [email protected]


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