We love an over-the-boot pant like the Fly Patrol for riding any sort of ATV. If we are totally objective, we must admit that riding pants are not strictly necessary when you ride a quad and especially when riding a 4×4. Jeans or coveralls work with boots, and perhaps with knee guards underneath for serious riding, providing decent protection. But, a riding pant is not just a piece of protective gear. The material in the Patrol pant and jersey is more abrasion-resistant than street clothes, so it does offer a level of protection not found in denim. Protection is not the only reason to select a riding pant, though.


The Patrol has three pockets, but none in the back where extra layers and seams might cause discomfort. Even when there are added seams, the Patrol pant is fully lined with smooth, soft, vented material. Unlike jeans, the Patrol pant has zipper vents in the front and back to let cooling air- flow through. In addition, some parts of the Patrol pant are constructed of stretch materials that allow easier movement while riding. For example, the rear of the pant has an elastic material sewn in. When you sit, the waist of the pant stays tight because the stretch material allows it. Jeans would simply gap at the waist or be tight. The Patrol pant’s lower leg area has a side opening sealed with a zipper and a snap. Zipping it open and putting on tall boots is vastly easier. Finish buckling the boot and zip the pant shut over the boot. Very nice!

If you get back to camp and it gets a little warm, the lower legs zip off, leaving you with shorts to wear until you are ready for the next ride. We also like the Patrol’s three waist closures. Zip up and there is a hook-and-loop strap and buckle that take any stress off the top of the main zipper. A protective flap covers the zipper to keep mud and dirt out, and it is closed with a ratchet-type buckle.

Finally, there is a side-pull sort of half belt that is also hook-and-loop fastened. If you still aren’t convinced the pant will stay up, there are conventional belt loops to allow a normal belt to be used. For safety, the Patrol pant has reflective piping. Sizes range from 18 to 48, and the price is $99.95.

The Patrol jersey is of much simpler design, but it is similarly purposed with riding in mind. It features a multi- panel design with a stretch collar and cuffs. The tail is extended so it stays tucked in, and the sides and under-arms are made of a vented mesh material for comfort in warm weather. For comfort, the “tag” is printed in. The jersey comes in sizes from youth small to 5XL, and it costs $32.95, though some of the smaller sizes are a buck less. JUST BLACK, JACK
Speaking as photo-oriented folks, we’d like to see color choices in addition to the black and grays, but otherwise we have no complaints. The pant and jersey are comfortable, have every feature you could want and offer nice protection. We have only one caution: the lower leg of the pant is just cloth with no heat-shield mate- rial. If you ride a 450 with an unprotected header pipe, the lower leg will last mere minutes. Ride a 4×4 or a sport quad with a stock pipe and the combo will last a good long time.


Fly always hits a nice price point, and the Patrol gear offers great value for the money. The pant and jersey are just vented enough to make them a smart choice in any weather. Visit or see your dealer.

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