Testing a way to ride hard and stay hydrated

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

Not all ATVs have storage, which means wearing a hydration pack is necessary for long rides. Fly’s XC100 Hydro Pack worked out great.


Riding and testing often take us to remote locations to explore trails and terrain. We love finding new pathways of ATV riding pleasure, and that means we take all-day rides. Fly Racing has a nice lineup of Hydro Packs that come in sizes for long or short trail adventures. We picked up the XC100 that offers ample storage for our outings and a healthy-sized water reservoir. The Hydro Pack won’t break your wallet either at $99.95.


Fly’s XC100 comes with an array of storage options, from three main pockets to a net that unfolds and clips to the front of the pack to hold even more. The pack has a front pocket that can carry smaller items, with separators inside to assist with organization. Sitting above it is a micro fiber-lined pocket that is perfect to cradle your cell phone. The main pocket has two inner pocket liners, along with the water bladder.

The Hydro Pack comes with a HydraPak-branded, BPA- and PVC-free, 100-fluid-ounce water bladder that is easy to clean and refill. The connected tube utilizes a plug-and-play quick-disconnect end at the bladder. The bite valve twists open and closed to lessen the chance of leaks, and (like most bite valves) it self-seals after use.

Fly’s pack has one centrally located quick-release buckle on the front. The straps are adjustable to secure the pack on small- and large-sized riders. The front lower straps are Velcro-adjustable with the ability to reattach them to a tighter clasp if there is too much room. On the inside of the main pocket you will find Fly’s Tensionlock buckles for the upper straps. These are also easy to adjust and get the XC100 fitting just right. The back panel has two soft foam panels that run down it for comfort.

The pack comes with many different storage options and a lot of room for cargo.



We recently traveled to Canada to explore some new trails and took the XC100 along for the trip. In the pack we carried a full bladder of water and a compact lunch. The smaller pockets held a cell phone, a radio, wallet and keys. On top of that a toolkit was in the pack, and we utilized the unfolding net to secure a jacket, just in case the weather turned on us.

Packing all of this is heavy for hours of riding, but it’s very beneficial and also needed just in case you break down. We have been stuck on the side of the trail before, and having food, water, tools and a way to communicate is extremely helpful. Fortunately, we also never ride alone.

Fly’s XC100 Hydro Pack is very comfortable to wear, easy to adjust to fit most riders, holds a lot of cargo and is well-made. We suggest you pick one of the three XC sizes up—30, 70 and 100 ounces, with different pocket options. Go to or call (208) 319-3079 for more info!


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