We ordered this Trekker helmet for motorcycle adventure riding, but the comfort and convenience of the face shield grew on us, and we started wearing it while testing 4×4 quads. Then, as the new UTVs got faster and faster, the Trekker started looking very good whenever we had a roll cage. Soon we were spoiled by the flip-down/flip-up shield, and the Trekker became a go-to helmet. It is light, affordable and comfortable. The faster the conditions, the better it works.


Fly’s Trekker is comfortable, full-featured and ready for almost any ride. It doesn’t like dust, but you can still wear goggles if and when you want to.

The Trekker is made just like a dirt helmet, but has a removable, ratcheting face shield that seals against the helmet when fully closed. Because it is ratcheting, you may set the shield at different openings to get more or less ventilation. There are some conditions that stymie the helmet. It really doesn’t like dusty conditions. Dust adheres to the inside and outside surfaces of the shield, and it is easy to clean the outside but difficult to clean the inside with the helmet on. You can actually wear goggles with the face shield installed, but it is a little more difficult. Fly has an accessory cover that allows you to remove the visor but retain the shield. The visor/peak is very well designed for riding or driving at high speeds, but it is nice to have the option.


The Trekker has ample venting that allows a surprising amount of cooling air to pass through the helmet. The vents are covered with a fine stainless screen to keep junk out.

Naturally, the Trekker meets or exceeds DOT and ECE 22/05 helmet standards. It has a poly-alloy shell and a dual-density EPS liner to provide more progressive impact absorption. The comfort liner is easy to remove, and it is washable to keep the helmet fresh and clean inside. There are eight air-intake vents and eight air-exhaust vents that allow cooling air through the helmet. All of the vents are filled with stainless steel mesh to stop chunks and creepy-crawlies from entering with the air.

For us, the sizing runs about spot-on. The helmet is easy to put on and take off. Sizes are XS to XXL, and no matter what the size, the price is $139.95. If you have researched this type of helmet, you know that there are high-end models priced at over $500 and a few lower-priced ones. The Trekker performs very well no matter which of the helmets you compare it to. Colors are limited to silver and black in solid colors only. Our silver one has been super easy to care for, and it still looks like new.

We love the fact that you can just crack the shield and prevent most fogging. In some extreme conditions (snow blowing sideways), we did get a terminal fog-up, but some paper towels cleaned and dried the shield, and we were able to have visibility again instantly. If the goggles had become soaked and damp, just wiping them would not have helped for long. In cold weather, and especially while piloting a UTV, the helmet is far more comfortable than goggles and a moto-style helmet.


After more than a year, the Trekker is still on its original shield, the interior and exterior look great, and we find more and more reasons to use it instead of a helmet with goggles. See or your dealer.

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