FMF VISION continues to expand its range, now with a full line of lifestyle sunglasses. The initial collection offers eight unique frames, each with three distinct colorways to pack a powerful look for everyone. “Since 1973 my father had a vision to start the Flying Machine Factory for the love of riding and the passion of the sport. Now nearly 50 years later FMF has become one of the most iconic global brands in off-road and we are excited to continue to expand into new territories with style and class, welcome to Visionary Performance,” offered Donny Emler Jr!

The all-new line boasts uni-sex frames, wrap-around designs for expanded coverage and a unique balance between FMF’s traditional style and modern fashion. The robust range brings considerable value while hitting a highly desirable price point. The mirror lens models come in at $59.00 USD while the polarized versions bump to $69.00 USD at retail. All 24 glasses are now available at FMF VISION dealers around the world.

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