One of the most durable boots on the market


If you’ve been around motorsports at all in the past 30 years, chances are you’ve seen a pair of Gaerne boots. A true Italian made off-road boot. Gaerne has developed their boots with help from some of the best racers in the world. Longevity, ride-feel, and protection have been the standout features and the reason so many professionals choose Gaerne.

The SG 12s are Gaerne’s top of the line boot and have some really neat technical features that aid in the way they function. Even the way they wear down seems to have been considered! After 80 hours of testing, ours are almost as stiff as when we started.

Gaerne_SG-12 Boot_e

Essentially the pivot system allows the foot and ankle to maintain natural movement. This system really helps for shifting and braking while riding on any given machine. It also aids in maintaining stiffness and reducing the breakdown of the boot overtime. They are also said to save your ankle from overextending and absorb impacts like hard landings.

Walking around for hours in the boot is totally manageable and they didn’t pinch the skin which can be a problem with the way certain boots fit. Of course, advanced features like this are not found on many boots. This level of quality is what you are paying for. Whether you ride a lot or not, performance is imperative to us.

We rode ATVs and mainly enduro riding on dirt bikes during our testing stint. We found an abundance of grip from the inner side of the boots compared to other boots we’ve tested. Partially because of the inner rubber grip sidewalls of the boot. The buckle design prevents them from coming unstrapped while riding, which add to the riding experience. Just one less thing to worry about on the trail. The adjustable straps are also easy to make quick adjustments out there on your ride. Gaerne told us that the buckle mounts can sometimes come loose after initial use and need tightening with a Phillips head screwdriver. It was not the case for us as we’ve yet to have them come loose.

The soles feel comfortable on the feet, even after hours of doing photo shoots with a lot of riding and walking between shots. We never had any big crashes or bad landings on jumps, but we did jump off some big ledges on the dirt bike and the boots were noticeably supportive.

Gaerne SG12 boots

A pair of SG-12s are not cheap, but their design fits so many styles of riding and hold up extremely well. In our 80 hours of testing we noticed a small amount of wear on the sole which can be expected after a thrashing like we gave them. One of the more impressive aspects was the lack of stiffness loss. We’ve read other reviews saying it took little to no break in, but to be honest they felt a little stiff for about 2 long rides. After that they have felt almost the same since the initial break-in. Along with the functionality lets not forget they look amazing and come in many different color options.

We would recommend these to anyone with safety as a priority. When you combine the support they provide with the undeniable functional performance, the price tag becomes irrelevant. For all the technical details make sure to go to Gaerne’s website to get the full spec rundown and color combinations.

PRICE:  $503-$589



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