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FIRST RIDE VIDEO: HONDA TALON X4! FIRST RIDE VIDEO: HONDA TALON X4! Honda wanted the full outdoor experience for testing the new Talon 1000 X4 and X4 fox live valve edition, so we headed to Caliente Nevada. We made two 40 mile loops through the desert, switching between the base and live valve models. With 57 accessories ready for purchase and growing, pricing is set at $21,999 for the base and $23,999 for the Live Valve setup. Available now. To subscribe to Dirt Wheels Magazine in print or digital form…

ULTIMATE POLARIS RZR PLAY TOY ULTIMATE POLARIS RZR PLAY TOY Built by Dirt Wheels Every extensive UTV build is an undertaking of multiple magnitudes. We often cover projects that others have put together in their own garages, shops and front yards, so we don't experience the build process. Every once in a while we take on the task of generating our own projects, and this build was one of our most involved. Polaris RZRs are pretty straightforward in construction, and that simplicity makes working on them…

VIDEO TEST: 2019 RZR XP TURBO S VELOCITY VIDEO TEST: 2019 RZR XP TURBO S VELOCITY Polaris first released the all-new RZR XP Turbo S in 2018 with an all-new look. In addition to the body style upgrades, the drive train was strengthened, the cockpit was redesigned, it came stock with 32" tires and many of the car's components were made more durable. The new machine also came with the electronically controlled "Dynamix" suspension system, which made this model top of the line along with making…


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ROXOR: A Conqueror of Time and Terrain

On March 2nd, Mahindra will reveal ROXOR. This rugged, dynamic off-road vehicle will introduce the North American markets to the tradition of toughness, purpose and performance that Mahindra has formed over 70 years. The reveal will take place at their factory in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

2018 Polaris RZR XP Turbo Dynamix VS Can Am Maverick X3 X RS We took two horsepower monsters and shot them out head to head to see which one could be crowned king. Both machines have their pluses and minuses but it is about finding out which of the two can handle high speed, rocks, crawling, whoops and more. To see the full test check out the January issue of Dirt Wheels Magazine.

Watch our full review on the Polaris RZR XP TURBO DYNAMIX NOW!

The 2018 Polaris RZR XP Turbo Dynamix is a powerhouse that is built to shred the sand dunes, tackle the nastiest terrain in the desert, weave through the woods and more. Polaris' new smart Active Suspension system is impressive and makes piloting this UTV a blast! Click here to read the full article!


— Uni Foam Filters perform their best in the worst of conditions. That’s why Uni has been the chosen air filter of professional racers and serious enthusiasts for decades. In this dirty, dusty environment, air filtration is extremely critical to the performance and protection of your engine. The Uni Air Filter’s ability to hold extreme amounts of dirt and still provide excellent air flow and performance has made Uni Filter the choice of some of the greatest off road racers of all time. But the Uni Air Filter must be…