The Gambit Emergency Axle Replacement (G.E.A.R) is an essential device for all UTV owners. It can save you from a lot of hassle if you experience a broken axle while on the trail. Even if you carry basic tools, spare belts, and tires, you probably don’t carry, or just don’t have room for a spare axle. Should you break an axle, the G.E.A.R can act in place of an outer axle CV joint, securing your hub assembly and allowing your UTV to return to camp under normal conditions much faster.

Continuing to operate your UTV with a broken axle can potentially damage other components, such as your transaxle or front differential. The only way to prevent further damage is to travel at an extremely slow speed, which is not ideal when you are far away from camp. Removing your axle and continuing down the trail leaves your hub free-floating in the knuckle and can cause the entire wheel and hub to fall off!

The G.E.A.R is a universal emergency axle replacement solution that can be used on any hub assembly front or rear (driver or passenger). It is also easily storable with a size similar to that of a sunglass case.

The  G.E.A.R is the only patent-pending device on the market that can replace your broken axle in an emergency. With its universal application and small size, it should be part of every side-by-side owner’s off-road tool pack.

Price: $179.00

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