Since the release of the X-Rex tire from GBC, we have always been impressed with the superior traction and durability of it for sport ATVs. Over the last year, we have been testing a set of the updated and renamed version of the X-Rex, the XC Master. This six-ply tire is available in rear sizes of 20×11.00-9, 22×11.00-9, 20×11.00-10 and 22×11.00-10, and front sizes of 21×7-10, 22×7-10 and 23×7-10. We used the 20×11-9 in the rear and 21×7-10 for the front and put countless hours and miles on motocross tracks, desert trails and wooded mountain areas, and they never disappointed. The X-knob tread pattern works extremely well in loose/sandy terrain, and when you get into more technical types of terrain, the big X-knobs grab everything they can to keep you moving forward. The XC Master performs well when you are sliding around corners with just enough side bite to allow comfortable high-speed cornering.

During our testing we ran varying tire pressures in the rear, from 5–8 psi depending on the terrain and 8–10 psi up front on non-beadlock DWT wheels. The six-ply structure gives the tire just enough sidewall flex without it being too firm or too soft when cornering or going over obstacles on the trail. After months and countless hours of constant riding, the treads had no chunking and minimal wear. They still perform just as if they were brand new. We opted for the 20- and 21-inch tire combo for the versatility of being able to swap them between different machines and comparing them to the stock tires. The XC Master tires will cost you $60 for the front and $84 for the rear. To order a set for your ATV or check out their full line of tires for ATVs and UTVs, go to www.gbc motorsports.com or call (714) 782-3060.

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