Tank corrosion, fuel system malfunctions, and bad gas can all be put to an end with the help of Techron

By the staff of Dirt Wheels


Winter is coming. Tank corrosion, fuel system malfunctions, and bad gas can all be put to an end with the help of Techron Powersports and small engine treatment. Whether you have a quad, UTV, or trike, storing a machine full of gas can be devastating due to the effects of ethanol.

While draining your gas may seem like the solution, it too can be harmful to your tank and fuel system. See how Techron can help keep your machine running at its best potential even after long storage periods.



Techron® Protection Plus, Powersports & Small Engine Fuel System Treatment is a multi-functional gasoline additive specifically formulated for superior performance and protection, as well as the cleaning power of Techron in the on- and off-road environments, such as all types of professional outdoor power and lawn care equipment, motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, UTVs, side-by-sides (SXS), dune buggies, go carts and snow mobiles.

Techron Powersports & Small Engine Fuel System Cleaner is formulated for use in gasoline, and ethanol-blended fuels such as E0 to E85. It is safe to use in all gasoline engines including carbureted, two-stroke, four-stroke, port or electronic fuel injected and direct-injected engines.


• Alcohol-free formulation – Uniquely formulated to not contribute to water absorption, and is alcohol free, which helps reduce the risk of engine damage caused by excess water in the fuel during the combustion process.
• Maximum corrosion (rust) control of the entire fuel system in the most severe off-road and performance conditions.
• Stabilizes fuel for up to 24 months, delivering more than 4X fuel oxidation stability over pump fuel alone.
• Restores power and performance by cleaning fuel injectors, throttle body, carburetor and combustion chamber.
• Detergency cleans, removes and prevents intake valve deposits in port fuel injected engines, which improves engine operability issues, such as rough idle and accelerator / throttle responsiveness.
• Cleans and controls carbon and combustion chamber deposits, minimizing cold start problems and deposit-related knock and ping. Prevents gum and varnish and disperses any that already exist in the fuel system.
• Minimizes harmful exhaust emissions by keeping vital engine parts clean.

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