After being postponed a week because of a freak storm, the GHR Six-Hour ran Saturday. The course was designed by Greg Jones, the oldest son of National MX Champion Gary Jones. It was over five miles long and designed for a pro lap time of around 10 minutes. It had everything, from motocross course to mountain ridges. There was even an EnduroCross section and a steel bridge that the riders went over once and under twice. There’s no other race in the world quite like it.
      From the start, the fastest team was Mike Cafro Racing, led by 2009 WORCS champion Beau Baron. Baron built an enormous lead immediately, while second place was a dog fight between the Robbie Cockrell team, the Roy Bloodworth team and the Darrell Patton team. In the meantime the Ironman Class was being dominated by the other Jones kid, Justin. On the very first lap, he had to change bikes when his Honda blew a gearbox. He got on the Dirt Wheels  test quad (which was impounded as a spare) and had a skirmish with Ironmen  Brandon Lamey, Eddie Moya and Jon Harris. Eventually he got back in front. In other classes ,the mostly female team of Brittany Bloodworth was in a tight race with Eli Madero’s team in the business class and Lagan Datin , who was leading the Sportman class. Mark Tilley was leading the utility class on the official Dirt Wheels entry, a Can-Am 800 Renegade.
      The race took its toll on most of the entries. Shortly after Beau Baron handed off his quad to Josh Row, their Honda suffered a gearbox failure. At that point they had almost lapped the entire field and were closing in on second-place Cockrell. The Bloodworth team unlapped itself while the Cafro team was pitting. Later in the race it happened again. Baron suffered a shock failure and had a long pit stop. Bloodworth got on the lead lap once more, but the Cafro team got back on the track before they lost the lead to Cockrell.
      In the end, only Baron and Cockrell finished with 37 laps; Baron’s team won the 450 class and Cockrell won the Open class. Roy Bloodworth, Datin and Madero rounded out the top five overall. Jones was sixth, winning the Ironman class and Brittany Bloodworth’s team was seventh. Dirt Wheels won the Utility class with an eighth overall. Lamey and Moya were ninth and tenth. For full results and team members, check out And to see how fast the lead team  was going, check out the helmet-cam video of Josh Row. We had WORCS Pro Am rider Brad Goolsby shadow him on a motorcycle for a lap. We also followed Mark Tilley on the Can-Am for a lap. That was much easier.

Josh Row at GHR 6-hour from Ron Lawson on Vimeo.

Mark Tilley’s ATV adventure from Ron Lawson on Vimeo.


Ironman winner Justin Jones
Brittany Bloodworth was second in the business class and seventh overall.

Robbie Cockrell won the Open class and was second overall.


Darrell Patton got the pro holeshot and was the only rteam to lead other than Baron’s.

Mark Tilley raced on the Dirt Wheels team with Ron Lawson, Gary Jones and Dave Dye, winning the Utility class.

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