Practically bulletproof By the staff of Dirt Wheels


We tested the wheel and tire combination in all types of terrain. They tackled coarse desert sand and rocks with ease.


The desert is a relentless land of insanely rough terrain—from deep silt that will swallow a quad whole to mountains covered in boulders and coarse sand. The woods mixes mud, tree roots and big rocks on the trails and requires a good tire. Whenever we ride or race in the desert or woods on a sport quad, oftentimes we choose a tire and wheel combination that will stand the test of the terrain. GMZ Race Products came out with a new set of beadlock wheels specifically made for sport quads that run $580 a set. Their Sportech rims are heavy duty, and the Sportech XC tires they paired the rims with are just as tough.


The wheels and tires ship separately; however, they are easy to mount. Make sure to tighten the beadlock screws to 8 foot-pounds with a torque wrench to ensure the bolts don’t come loose.


In rough riding and racing, having beadlock rims can be a major plus. Beadlock rims are strong and less resistant to bending, and with a reinforced outer edge, they lock the tire to the rim so you can get a flat and run on it for miles if needed to get back to camp or the pits, and it is easy to change tires out on the wheels. Go to www.dirtwheelsmag.com and find the “How-To: Mount Tires on Beadlock Rims” article to learn how to put new tires on your wheels.
The Sportech wheels from GMZ are made from heat-treated, .190-inch, spun aluminum and have a large, rolled edge on the inside of the wheel that provides extra strength from bending. They offer the front 10×5-inch rims in two offsets: stock 3+2 and 4+1 for longer front A-arms or racing applications. The rear wheel is sized 9×8 inches and comes with a 3+5, which is a standard offset. The bolt pattern fits on most all common sport ATVs due to GMZ’s multi-pattern design. GMZ’s Sportech ATV beadlock wheels come in flat black to match any machine you ride.


The front tires handle well in turns and have an aggressive bite that helps you steer your machine more accurately.


GMZ’s Sportech XC tires are no joke when it comes to traction. These tires have a six-ply rating, which means they are resistant to punctures from rocks and sticks. The tread design on the rear tires provide a larger surface area with big knobs to help grip any terrain you are riding across in the desert or woods. The rear tires have a nice side-wall bite as well that grips hard in turns. The front Sportech XC tires provide an impressive ride. They grip well in many different types of terrain and grab traction in corners instead of pushing through turns like a lesser tire would.
We mounted up 23×7-10 front tires with 22×11-9 rear tires onto GMZ’s new Sportech sport ATV beadlock wheels. Due to the fact that we added on a lot more weight with the taller six-ply tires and heavier rims, we had to re-gear our quad to get back needed torque. These tires are taller than stock, and they roll over rough terrain a lot better and give better ground clearance. We thrashed them through the desert and woods and were impressed at how well they hook up in dry and wet dirt, as well as their corning performance.


The rear 22-inch tires have tall lugs that grip hard in many different types of terrain. They will break loose and help you slide around turns when needed.


A set of nice rims and tires that are designed for your type of riding will make your machine handle better. GMZ’s Sportech beadlock rims and XC tires are a great buy at $580 (front: $139.95 each; rear: $149.95 each) for a set of rims and around $370 (23×7-10 front: $79.95; 22×11-9 rear: $104.95) for a set of tires. They offer MX tires as well. If you want to purchase a set of their wheels or tires, go to www.gmzraceproducts.com or call (619) 244-5811.

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