GNCC RIDING TIPS: Start Preparations

Walker Fowler start preparations By the staff of Walker Fowler

You always need to have a good, positive attitude on the start! Whether you are a pro or an amateur, attitude and confidence can take you a long way. I try to keep the jitters at bay thinking about how I’ve done all the preparations necessary to compete at the highest level with no issues. Everyone else should be more nervous than me! A 24-volt starting kit like the one I use from Antigravity Batteries helps EFI machines like my Yamaha YFZ450R start faster during a dead-engine start. Making sure the engine is good and warmed up. I make sure it’s warm enough that the fan kicks on. Run the machine the row before yours, and try to be the last one to shut your engine off. If you’re on the front row, you just have to use your judgment when the latest you can turn it off is! 

Side note: Turn it off with the key. Do not stall it out with the clutch!

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