With the Internet revolution still booming, sites like YouTube and Vimeo are frothing with user-submitted videos of awesome sports content. Just one search of “ATV helmet cam” will net you hours of enjoyable videos, complete with insane jumps, great trail rides, 4×4 mud bogging, spectacular crashes and more. As one of the pioneers of helmet-cam technology, GoPro has made a killing selling low-priced, high-performance cameras that are easy to use and mount and offer extreme durability. Their newest innovation, deemed the Hero 2, is an overhauled version of their insanely popular HD cam that was released just a couple of years ago.
Here’s our custom-made monopod mount. It uses the same slide mount as you would use on a helmet, with a tripod mount bonded on the bottom. Here you can also see the GoPro HD Hero 2’s larger screen.

Let’s start with the basics. While the body of the GoPro HD Hero 2 looks similar to their other cameras, everything about it has changed. With a new glass lens that offers twice the sharpness and detail of the old HD, it’s phenomenal what it can capture. To see for yourself, check out the videos section on DirtWheelsMag.com. We‘ve already shot a ton of stuff with our GoPro! Here’s a list of features the new HD Hero 2 comes out of the box with:

–Professional 11MP sensor

–2x faster image processor (vs. GoPro HD)

–2x sharper glass lens (vs. GoPro HD)

–Professional low-light performance

–Full 170º, medium 127º, narrow 90º FOV in 1080p

–120 fps WVGA, 60 fps at 720p, 48 fps at 960p, 30 fps at 1080p video full 170º and medium 127º FOV photos

–10x 11MP photos-per-second burst

–1x 11MP photo every 0.5-second time-lapse mode

–3.5mm external-stereo microphone input

–Simple language-based user interface

–Wi-Fi Bacpac and Wi-Fi remote compatible

–Long-range remote control of up to 50 GoPro cameras

–Wi-Fi video/photo preview, plus playback and control via GoPro app

–Live-streaming video and photos to the web

Out of the box, the sub-$300 GoPro Motorsports Edition comes with a host of sticky mounts and an adjustable suction-cup mount for sticking the camera on cars, trucks, glass, plastic or your UTV. The mounting system is the simplest on the market. Peel back the film on the adhesive tape, slap a low-profile plastic mount on nearly any surface, and slide the GoPro on the mount to lock it in place. It’s quick, easy and strong.

The GoPro’s plastic case is incredibly strong, and it features two back panels—one for increased microphone volume, and one sealed back for waterproof (up to 197 feet) operation. It stores video on a normal SD card, up to 32 GB. The SD card is not included with the kit, but one can be purchased online or at most grocery stores, Walmart or any electronics store. Slide the card in, charge the GoPro with the supplied USB cable, and get out on the trail. Operation and adjustments are simple with the new larger LCD screen, and it’s only got two buttons: one to cycle the mode/menu, and one to start and stop recording.

The host of video and photo modes makes it very versatile, and you should definitely play around with the settings to get different shots for your videos. GoPro’s website also offers links to video-editing and conversion software, as well as detailed instructions on its use and versatility. Out of the box, you can stick it on and go film. It’s easy to use and produces amazing visual clarity—better than any HD helmet cam we have ever tested. The construction is very utilitarian, and it allows the masses to get into video production with ease. During our use, the battery lasted about 2–2.5 hours on a charge when recording in 1080p resolution, and it charges quickly via any USB charger. If your ATV/UTV has a 12-volt port, you can even charge it while you’re riding!

We experimented with all the GoPro modes and came away very impressed with all of them. The high frame-rate modes make for stellar slow-motion playback that is crisp and clear, and the still photos are very high quality. We also like the new feature of more recording lights for easy visibility for when the GoPro is on, and the new LCD screen is easy to read and decipher for those who want to play with the settings. Many websites you can buy the GoPro from will include a free SD card with the purchase, so you’ll be ready to record when your new camera arrives in the mail.

All in all, we are very impressed with the HD Hero 2. It’s priced well, works like a champ and is very durable. We have even experimented with making our own mounts, including a tripod mount that allows us to mount the GoPro on an extendable boom for cool overhead shots or extreme closeups, just like in the videos on our website. Go online to YouTube and check out our and GoPro’s channels for some sweet helmet-cam footage, including videos of our 4×4 shootout, Monster Tajima’s record Pikes Peak Hill Climb run and more! The GoPro HD? Hero 2 is priced at $299.99. For more information, give GoPro a visit at www.gopro.com. You won’t be disappointed!

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