Cancelled due to a large volume of public comments regarding Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) use and demand for access.

Grandview Plan In Idaho Canceled – Over 600 Miles of Routes Saved!


On Friday we received word from the BLM that the Grandview Travel Management Plan in southwest Idaho would be canceled.

According to the release, the BLM withdrew the plan “due to a large volume of public comments regarding Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) use and demand for access, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Boise District is cancelling the Grand View Travel Management Plan Environmental Assessment to reassess information and validate route inventory.”

We worked hard to connect with the local dirt bike clubs, racing organizations, and off-road groups to educate everyone about the concerns we had with this plan. We appreciate that Senator Risch, Senator Crapo, and Representative Fulcher helped communicate the concerns of their constituents to the BLM.

We are encouraged that the BLM wants to work with the OHV community to develop a better version of this plan. We are prepared to continue providing them with the feedback they need.

Ultimately, this decision means the 1,365 miles of routes in this area will remain open for use. We expect the BLM will reintroduce a new version of this plan in the future based on the feedback we all submitted in our comments.

Our efforts to educate the OHV community to improve our advocacy efforts are having an impact, and we’re excited to announce that we will be partnering with Pacific Northwest 4 Wheel Drive Association to host a webinar version of the public comment trainings we’ve been recently holding. We invite everyone to register, so they can receive the valuable information that Tammy Pike is sharing with our community.

The withdrawal of the Grandview Plan is a great example of how as a community we can make an impact. I know that our members and supporters have some of the best on-the-ground knowledge of our public lands. We’ve made significant effort to ensure that our members are sharing this valuable feedback with the land managers. We had over 1800 comments submitted through our action alert tool for the Grandview Plan. We are grateful for everyone who added their voice, and we encourage everyone to keep using our action alert tool to share their feedback.

While we are grateful for the BLM’s decision to cancel the Grandview Plan, BRC also filed an administrative appeal this week to challenge a Travel Plan that was finalized in the Birds of Prey National Conservation Area, which is right next to the Grandview area.

As is always the case with our appeals, we worked closely with a local user of the area who submitted a witness statement. Our partner in this appeal is a member of BRC and also a member of the Idaho State 4×4 Association, which is a club member of BRC.

Our strongest work comes when we cooperate closely with our members. We’re doing what we can to invest back into our members.

We’re getting stronger everyday, and we invite everyone to join us!

Ben Burr

Executive Director

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