Guide To Bike Insurance

It’s a smart idea to acquire insurance for your bike. It’s impossible to predict what may happen on the road or on your bike. You may collide with a car or a pedestrian, or you could fall and injure yourself. It’s possible that your bicycle may be stolen or written off.

Most homeowner’s insurance policies only cover your bike if it is kept inside the house. It’s possible that the amount provided may never be enough to purchase another bike. To prevent plenty of problems, consider purchasing insurance, particularly for your bike.

Why is bike insurance important?

Bicycles may cost upwards of $1000. If the bike is stolen or damaged while within the building, it may be covered by renters’ or homeowners’ insurance. The only issue is that the insurance company will only pay for the bike based on its declined value.

For instance, if you spent $4,000 for a new bike two years ago, its depreciated value may be as little as a few hundred dollars. The insurance may only cover a tiny portion of the value, such as 10%. As a result, you may get less than $100 in compensation.

You will get better benefits if you buy bike theft insurance with a reputable insurance company. The company will cover more than theft. You could benefit from injuries sustained while riding, hospital costs, or damaged property.

Types of bike insurance you can consider buying

There are three types of insurance for bikes in USA that you can consider buying.

  • Comprehensive

Comprehensive insurance provides complete coverage for your bike. It covers any expenditures incurred as a result of third-party liability or personal injury. It provides comprehensive coverage in the event of an accident or theft. Comprehensive insurance may include extra benefits such as 0% depreciation or roadside assistance at the request of the bike owner, but it comes at a cost.

  • Third-party

Third-party insurance is the most basic insurance cover. It covers liabilities such as injury, property damage, or death that happens due to an accident while riding.

  •  Standalone own-damage insurance

This type of insurance covers damages incurred by the insured person. The bike owner may request additional cover at a premium.

Is bike insurance mandatory in the US?

Most states in the United States require bike owners to obtain insurance, but some do not. Even though bike insurance isn’t required in your state, it’s a good idea to think about it. While on the road on your bike, you never know what can happen.

Which companies sell bike insurance?

Bike insurance is available from most motor vehicle insurance providers. To find out whether firms in your state provide bike insurance, you must conduct a search. The most difficult part could be deciding which one is perfect for you. Consider an insurance provider that offers bike-related products to satisfy your insurance requirements.

How much does bike insurance cover cost?

The cost of bike insurance is dependent on your state. Ordinary bike insurance costs around $720 per year on average. In other areas, such as Florida, the annual premium is around $940. California residents will spend around $1800 per year, while Louisiana residents will pay around $1,100.

Depending on the worth of your bike, the insurance provider will provide you with a quote for coverage. The more costly bikes will cost you more. The insurance company will revise your quote if you require more coverage.

What things are covered by a bike insurance cover?

The list of items covered by your bike insurance varies depending on the policy type. In comparison to a third-party cover, a comprehensive cover contains more items. Find out what is covered in your bike insurance policy before you pay for it. A bike insurance policy will typically cover the following elements.

  • Theft protection
  • Spare parts
  • Vehicle contract cover
  • Damage due to accident
  • Bike liability cover
  • Medical costs
  • Racing cover
  • Event fee reimbursement

How to get a bike insurance quote

You must go to your preferred bike insurance provider’s website and log in. Provide information about your bike as well as the type of coverage you require. You will most likely receive a quick quote and be contacted by an insurance representative. Make your policy selection and payment.


Some states do not require bikes to be insured, despite the fact that most do. Even if your state does not mandate it, you should think about getting bike insurance for your own protection. The cost of insurance is determined by the value of your bike, the type of coverage you choose, and the state in which you reside. Bike insurance provides coverage for a wide range of items.


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