— The perfect place for ATV riding —

Most people call it Pismo Beach, but its official name is Oceano Dunes. This is the only beach in all of California where you can ride a dirt bike, ATV, UTV or dune buggy. It’s located about a two hour drive north of Los Angeles and just south of San Luis Obispo on the Pacific Coast. It’s the ultimate place to go riding during the hot summer months, because there’s usually a cool breeze coming off the ocean. Even though we’ve always been able to go riding at Pismo, certain people are now trying to take away that freedom. The California Coastal Commission is recommending a closure of Oceano Dunes.

We can’t allow that to happen. Everyone needs to send comments to them in favor of keeping it open to riding. There’s also a meeting on July 11 you can attend to voice your opinion in person to them.

Below is info on the meeting:

Below is where to send your emails:

[email protected].




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