Here’s How To Recover After A Heart-Pumping Quad Race

Quad racing doesn’t take a toll on the body the way running, biking or motorcycling do. This is maybe why ATV racers generally don’t pay heed to the recovery process. Moreover, as post-race recovery is a slow process, the riders get restless and jump on the track immediately after finishing a race. But having a proper recovery plan and giving ample time to the body for recovery is essential.

Here is how you can plan your recovery after a grueling quad race:

Immediately after the race

  • Walk around

The majority of racers sit down immediately after finishing their race; however, walking around is a better option. It boosts the blood flow to your extremities and other parts of the body.

So, once you finish racing, walk around for 10 to 15 minutes and savor the activities going around.

  • Stretch 

Stretching is one of the most potent ways to boost your recovery after a long and tiring race. It helps in softening stiff muscles and facilitates your movements.

Moreover, with proper stretching, you avoid the intense pain that you may feel the following day. So, after you hop down your quad after a race, take 20 minutes to stretch every muscle of your body to relax it.

Stretch your shoulders and scapular area, quadriceps, back, lower back, hamstrings, anterior chain, glutes, and calves.

Stretching is more important for the riders who wear Motocross boots while riding an ATV. As they put more effort while shifting, it subjects their limbs to pain. Stretching helps in relieving pain and stiffness of their lower limbs.

  • Eat well

Racing can break your energy banks, and hence, restoring energy immediately after a race becomes necessary. Thus, eat well and hydrate yourself immediately after finishing a race.

Drink some water and take a snack that is loaded with protein, carbs, and fats half an hour to one hour after the race. It will help you to replenish your glycogen store. Having a healthy drink with a mix of sugar, electrolytes, and calories also works.

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For the following days

  • Take some rest 

After a long race, your body needs time to bounce back to its normal form. You ought to give complete rest to your body to catalyze its recovery. Sleep your heart out and spend more time doing the activities that you enjoy other than riding an ATV.

If you don’t let your body rest and begin training for the next race immediately, you make yourself vulnerable to severe injuries. So, take a rest for a few days before jumping back on the track.

  • Relax and recover 

There are ample ways to relax and soothe your worn-out muscles, and massage is one of them.

Book an appointment at a spa and indulge in massage therapy. It will help you in dealing with the pain and soreness that often come as part and parcel of racing. It will also boost your blood flow and lymphatic drainage that will help you to recover quickly.

You can also consider taking an ice bath for the same. This will also aid the proper distribution of oxygen and nutrients throughout your body.

  • Celebrate 

No matter what the outcome is, celebrate your race. Winning and losing is a part of the game; make it a point to always celebrate your spirit.

Reflect on the special moments of your race. Learn from your experiences. It will motivate you for your next race.

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The bottom line

While preparing for a quad race, you put your body to the test. The extreme workout schedule, long hours of training, and mental pressure to win the race make your body vulnerable to breaking down. So, give your body ample rest and let it recover at its own pace. Use these tips to recover effectively.

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