We still get photos sent in by some of our readers who are not wearing their helmets. Not only is the practice uncool, it’s unsafe. A simple act of hitting your head on a tree branch could cause serious injury. Or, a rock flying off the rear tire of someone riding in front of you will surely hurt if it hits you in the head. Any helmet can help protect you from these minor issues.

Quality helmet companies offer helmets for as low as $89, so you have no excuse not to wear one. HJC’s CS-MX helmet is an $89 product with a  construction consisting of a polycarbonate shell and a polystyrene center that includes six ports that bring fresh air inside to the top of your head. The Nylex liner and cheek pads are removable for washing. Additional features include a large eye port with goggle-strap traction pads and an adjustable visor. The helmet even has a modern-day shape and paint job that make it look like the helmet costs twice as much.
With a price below $100 for a decent helmet like this HJC, you have no excuse not to ride protected. This helmet costs less than a tank of fuel in most full-sized pickups.


The CS-MX helmet has a DOT-certified rating, meaning it provides a level of protection our government deems satisfactory. Most race organizers require a more stringent Snell or ECE rating for competition, but for casual trail riding, a DOT rating is better than no helmet. This HJC helmet is light, weighs only 3.2 pounds and feels as strong as some Snell helmets we have worn lately. It comes in four different paint schemes and seven color choices, so we are sure you can find one to your liking—unless you like solid colors. The closest thing to a solid color HJC offers is a carbon fiber helmet for $420.

We took two HJC CS-MX helmets on several all-day rides and had zero complaints. Both the medium and large sizes fit our different-sized test riders well. The cheek pads were soft and comfortable from the beginning, and they held up very well in the washing machine. One ride took place in hot, humid weather, and at high speeds, we could feel the vents doing its job. As far as impact protection, we did smack our head on a UTV roll cage a few times and didn’t see any stars.

We always suggest buying the best quality and most comfortable helmet you can afford. The HJC CS-MX costs less than a tank of gas in our pickup, so if you can afford to go riding, you can afford the type of protection you get from the HJC CS-MX helmet. To buy one, head to your dealer or call (562) 407-2186. To view the complete line of HJC helmets, go to www.hjchelmets.com.

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