Survival of the fittest and fastest will keep you alive when the dead reanimates and hunts for humans. A Zombie Apocalypse may seem like it will never occur, but to some people it is a big possibility. The survival team at HMF decided to build a Polaris RZR XP 1000 into a machine strong enough to withstand a hoard of hungry flesh eating zombies. The Zombie Apocalyptic RZR was born with key survival features for exploring the unknown and protecting you from undead dangers. Even if you don’t believe in a rise of Zombies, this RZR is the perfect machine for long off-road excursions.



HMF manufactures strong and durable products that can take heavy abuse for hundreds of miles. There was is no question that the Apocalyptic RZR would be out fitted with parts that can withstand zombie hoards from the wheels up. The first step in the project was to install two key engine upgrades. A $539.00 UMP air filter replaced the stock one and it can handle a lot more dust without bogging down. Then HMF installed their $874.95 Polaris RZR XP 1000 HMF Dual Full Exhaust System to gain a helpful 4HP at high RPM and 2 pounds of torque at the wheels. Once the HMF Quiet Cores where installed into the exhaust system, the RZR gained a bit more power.


The next step was to strengthen the RZR with HMF protective products. Integrated to the frame is a custom HMF/IQ Front Bumper that adds rigidity to the front end. Even though the bumper on this RZR is custom to the project, HMF sells their IQ bumper for $449.95. Next, a set of custom HMF/IQ Nerf Bars where installed to help protect the machine from debris. In tight situations the Bars can also help pivot that RZR around obstacles. A new roll cage sits atop the Polaris as well as specially built doors built by HMF, to keep the riders safe from invading Zombies or roll overs in rough terrain.


Storage is important to have for long expeditions. The more supplies that you can carry, the further you can travel. HMF installed a front rack onto the Apocalyptic RZR that can be folded up when emptied to access the batteries. 10-watt Solar panels where incorporated onto the roof of the Polaris to recharge components with the engine off. They go for $114.95 a set with a built in battery tender. There is even more storage behind the LED Light bar that is on the roof. The rear of the machine has a custom built spare tire rack that folds down and acts as a table. When the spare tire rack is folded down, you can gain access to equipment in the bed of the RZR.



When you are on the run from a hoard of flesh eating zombies, the terrain you travel on will vary. A HCR OEM suspension kit was outfitted to the RZR to provide better ground clearance and widen the stance. The kit will run you around $3,849. HMF installed Maxxis Big Horn truck tires that are mounted on 15” OMF 0 offset rims, creating a wheel base 5” wider than the stock and raising ground clearance. The rims will run you $229.95 each. Suspension is very important when it comes to traversing multiple types of terrain. A set of custom Walker Evans 2.5 shocks was installed on all four corners of the RZR for $677.95. The added weight of survival gear warranted stiffer suspension. When the ride gets bumpier than you want, you have Mastercraft 3G seats with their own built in suspension that cost $549.95.


Incase you get a flat when you are out in the wilderness, there is a Hi-Lift UTV jack stand mounted to the passenger side of the Apocalyptic RZR that will run you $119.95. This survival vehicle also comes with a 4,500 pound SuperWinch to help you out of sticky situations. Incorporated into the front bumper, above the winch, is a set of $299.95 BajaDesigns HID lights. One HID is a spot light and the other is a pencil beam light. Include the stock headlights as well as the light bar on the roof of the Polaris, you have enough light power to turn night into day. When you are driving through rough terrain and get into a situation where you need to reverse but don’t want to get out of the machine to see what is behind you, a Pyle Reverse camera was installed for $193.00 on this RZR.



Even though the Apocalyptic RZR was designed to withstand the dead rising, the owner of HMF simply wanted to build a machine that you can take exploring and camping on long trips. They installed a lot of safety features to protect the riders and the RZR from heavy trail abuse. Between the bed of the Polaris and the roof and hood rack, HMF packed on enough gear to spend days in exploring wilderness. If you want to build a tough machine like the Apocalyptic RZR, contacting HMF is a great start to your project. You can call them at (216) 631-6980 or go to

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