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April 4, 2017
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Some people think two-strokes aren’t reliable. Here’s a 1992 Banshee that has proven them wrong. It’s been raced hard in desert races since 1992 and has never failed to finish a race. That’s worth repeating — in 25 years, this twin-cylinder two-stroke has competed in lots of races and it has finished every single one entered, usually up front.

banshee dez 1

There’s no doubt that this Banshee gets good care from the man who has owned it all these years. However, that’s usually true of any quad that gets hard racing miles on it throughout the year. Race quads also get power and suspension upgrades too, and this Banshee has been given many improvements in that regard as well.

The Dirt Wheels crew spent a day checking out every aftermarket performance item and modified part added to this Banshee. We also took it out for several hours worth of riding at pretty much full-throttle the whole time. What did we think? You can see the full report in the May 2017 issue of Dirt Wheels. It’s at your local newsstands now, so please check it out.

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