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March 15, 2017
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Get a handle on the best ATV handlebars By the staff of Dirt Wheels

In the world of ATVs, there is a menagerie of handlebars to choose from. It all gets a little confusing since there are so many different brands and types to choose from. Whether your machine uses a 7/8-inch or 1 1/8-inch handlebar, Dirt Wheels has broken down a list of great options to choose from for your ATV.

Note: Some ATVs have a 7/8-inch or 1 1/8-inch clamping diameter, so be sure to check what you need before purchasing.

FASST COMPANY FLEXX www.fasstco.com877-306-1801 $359.99

The Flexx handlebar is a unique, multi-part, 1 1/8-inch handlebar made from 7000-series aluminum in the USA. The Flexx handlebar uses elastomers of different stiffness levels to control the amount of flex you are looking for. Each set of Flexx handlebars come with soft, medium and stiff elastomers, so you can try them all out on the trail. With the added flex, they create less blisters, fatigue and arm pump. They are offered in black.


Fly Racing Carbon Steel
Fly Racing Carbon Steel


FLY RACING CARBON STEEL www.flyracing.com 208-319-3079 $20.95

Fly Racing’s carbon steel 7/8-inch handlebar is built with .083-wall carbon steel. The crossbar is TIG-welded for strength and features a baked epoxy coating. The bar end cap comes standard. It is available in black, red, blue, white and silver

FLY RACING ALUMA-STEEL www.flyracing.com 208-319-3079 $27.95

Fly Racing’s Aluma-Steel 7/8-inch handlebar is made from 1010 carbon steel with an anodized aluminum finish. They’re available in red, blue, gold and chrome.

FLY RACING T6 ALUMINUM www.flyracing.com 208-319-3079 $41.95

The T6 aluminum 7/8-inch handlebar from Fly Racing is constructed using 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum. It offers a knurled center section and clutch side for better grip. It’s offered in polished, red, blue, gold and gunmetal.

FLY RACING AERO FLEX www.flyracing.com 208-319-3079 $52.95

Fly’s Aero Flex handlebar is a 7/8-inch bar manufactured from 2014 aluminum, which is claimed to offer greater flex and reduce arm pump. The Aero comes in four anodized finishes: black, blue, gunmetal and silver.

FLY RACING AERO TAPERED www.flyracing.com 208-319-3079 $66.95-$84.95

The Aero tapered is a 1 1/8-inch handlebar that offers aircraft-grade 7075 taper-walled aluminum. They claim to offer just enough flex to dissipate shock and reduce rider fatigue with the added benefit of being strong. Colors offered are black, gunmetal, blue, silver, gold/black and purple/black firework.

MIKA METALS PRO SERIES www.mikametals.com $79.99

The Pro Series handlebar is constructed from High-quality aerospace aluminum for maximum strength. It’s designed to flex for reduced arm fatigue. These come in 7/8- and 1 1/8-inch applications. Black is the only color offered.


Mika Metals Raw Series
Mika Metals Raw Series


MIKA METALS RAW SERIES www.mikametals.com $109.99

The Raw Series 1 1/8-inch handlebar is constructed of T6 7075 aluminum. Mika has a unique tapering claimed to increase strength and retain flex for rider comfort. These handlebars are offered only in black.

MIKA METALS HYBRID SERIES www.mikametals.com $109.99

The Hybrid Series is something new in the handlebar world. It is an oversized handlebar with a 7/8-inch clamping diameter. It retains the same flex properties of the Pro Series handlebar and allows you to run an oversized bar without the use of 1 1/8-inch clamps. The Hybrid handlebar is only offered in black.

MOOSE RACING CARBON STEEL www.parts-unlimited.com $23.95–$27.95

The carbon steel handlebar is made from 2mm-thick carbon steel for High strength. Features include a knurled center clamp area, plastic end caps and a powdercoated finish. These are offered in 7/8 inches. Colors options are black, blue, red, gray, lime and orange.

MOOSE UTILITY DIVISION OEM REPLACEMENT www.parts-unlimited.com $39.95

Moose has a great OEM replacement option for most utility-style quads. They are 7/8-inch handlebars made from .083 steel tubing in the USA. These are significantly cheaper than buying the OEM handlebar. They come in black only.

MOOSE COMPETITION www.parts-unlimited.com $54.95

The Moose Competition 7/8-inch handlebar is constructed from 2014 T6 aluminum and stronger than 6061 aluminum. It also features an oversized crossbar for greater strength. Color options are black, silver, titanium, red and blue.


Moose Racing Flex
Moose Racing Flex


MOOSE RACING FLEX SERIES www.parts-unlimited.com  $79.95

The Moose Racing Flex Series 1 1/8-inch handlebar is constructed of 7065 T6 aluminum, which makes it strong and light. No cross brace allows flex to reduce shock and rider fatigue. Colors offered are black, titanium and silver.


MSR Profile Carbon
MSR Profile Carbon


MSR PROFILE CARBON STEEL www.msracing.com 951-340-3301 $27.99

The MSR Profile carbon steel handlebar is built from quality carbon steel and coated with resilient epoxy paint. The bar end plugs will keep out elements that can cause the metal to corrode and weaken over time. The Profile handlebar is a standard 7/8-inch bar that will bolt directly onto most models. They are offered in silver, blue, black, white or red.

MSR GP ALUMINUM www.msracing.com 951-340-3301 $49.95

The MSR GP aluminum handlebar is a 7/8-inch handlebar built to be stronger than a standard steel handlebar. The GP handlebar is made from 2014-T6 aluminum, which helps the bar flex on a hard landing but is strong enough to handle crashes. The shot-peened finish looks great, and it increases the overall strength of the handlebar. Bar end plugs are installed to prevent dirt and water from damaging the material on the inside.

NEKEN CONSTANT www.parts-unlimited.com $68.95

Neken’s Constant is a 7/8-inch handlebar that is made from 7010 T6 aerospace-quality aluminum. It has an added crossbar and has a 5mm inner wall thickness that creates more strength. The clutch side of the bar is knurled for better grip hold. They are offered in titanium, silver and black.


Neken Variable
Neken Variable


NEKEN VARIABLE www.parts-unlimited.com $89.95–$114.95

Neken’s Variable Diameter is a 1 1/8-inch handlebar that is made from a 7010 T6 aerospace aluminum. The handlebar ends are 7/8-inch so standard grips will fit perfectly. The clutch side of the handlebar is knurled for better grip hold. They are offered in black, black/white, silver, flo yellow, white/blue, USA flag, flo orange, white, white/blue, flo green, orange/blue, camo blue, camo green, light blue/blue and white/red.

ODI 7/8-INCH MX/ATV www.odigrips.com 951-786-4755 $74.95

The MX/ATV 7/8-inch handlebar is constructed of 7075 alloy. The clutch side is knurled for better traction on the grip. This bar is designed for ATV riders looking for a direct OEM replacement on most models that have a stock 7/8-inch handlebar. It’s offered in black or gray.


ODI Podium Flight MX
ODI Podium Flight MX


ODI PODIUM FLIGHT MX www.odigrips.com 951-786-4755 $89.95

The Podium Flight MX handlebar is ODI’s latest in handlebar technology. ODI uses their own tubing profile and design, which creates a non-brace handlebar that is race-proven. It’s made from a 2014-T6 alloy and has a 1 1/8-inch clamping diameter. It is offered in stealth two-tone colors, such as red, black, silver, orange and blue.

ODI PODIUM MX www.odigrips.com 951-786-4755 $129.95

The newest ODI MX handlebar features the patent-pending CFT (Controlled Flex Technology) crossbar system. The Podium features an elastomer system inside the crossbar that allows controlled flex when taking hard landings. The bar is constructed of 2014 T6 alloy and is offered in black.

PRO TAPER SEVEN EIGHTHS www.protaper.com 951-736-5369 $69.99

The SE (Seven Eighths) is Pro Taper’s 7/8-inch-diameter handlebar designed for riders who still prefer the feel and stability of a crossbar. It’s made from 5mm, 2000-series T6 aluminum alloy. End plugs keep the elements out of the handlebar tubing. These weigh in at only 1.8 pounds. They are offered in black, platinum, silver, blue and red.


Pro Taper Contour
Pro Taper Contour


PRO TAPER CONTOUR www.protaper.com 951-736-5369 $74.99

The 1 1/8-inch Contour is Pro Taper’s best-selling handlebar. The tapered design allows the bar to flex and absorb impacts better than a standard handlebar. The Contour is constructed from 5mm, 2000-series T6 aluminum alloy. This handlebar weighs in at 1.55 pounds without the pad. It’s offered in black, platinum, silver, yellow, orange, blue and red.

PRO TAPER EVO www.protaper.com 951-736-5369 $89.99–$99.99

The 1 1/8-inch Evo from Pro Taper has the same great flexing properties as their Contour, but is made from a lighter and stronger material. They’re made from a 4mm, 7000-series aluminum alloy that Pro Taper claims is 25 percent lighter and 45 percent stronger than a standard 1 1/8-inch handlebar. It weighs in at 1.4 pounds. The Evo is available in black and magnesium.

PRO TAPER FUZION www.protaper.com 951-736-5369 $129.99

Pro Taper’s 1 1/8-inch Fuzion handlebar is a new concept from Pro Taper that fuses their Contour and SE handlebar together. It has a flex locking system that allows riders to choose between a stiffer or more shock-absorbing feel by changing the center dial on the crossbar (unlocked or locked). They are made from 5mm, 2000-series T6 aluminum alloy and weigh 2.1 pounds. They only come in black.

RENTHAL 7/8-INCH www.renthal.com 877-736-8425 $79.95

Renthal’s 7/8-inch handlebar is one of the most popular on the market. It features Renthal-exclusive 7010 T6 aluminum construction. The clutch side is knurled, which gives it a larger bonding area for your grips. They are offered in black, green, titanium, blue, red, silver, gray, gold, silver/blue, silver/red and silver/gold.


Renthal Fatbar
Renthal Fatbar


RENTHAL FATBAR www.renthal.com 877-736-8425 $89.95

The Fatbar is a 1 1/8-inch handlebar that offers Renthal’s exclusive 7010 T6 aluminum alloy that helps limit vibration. Renthal designed it without the use of a crossbar which creates more flex and better ride comfort. It also has a knurled clutch side end for a larger bonding area for grips. They’re offered in black, titanium, blue, green, red and orange.

RENTHAL TWINWALL www.renthal.com 877-736-8425 $119.95

The Twinwall handlebar from Renthal has a unique construction. It consists of two aluminum alloy tubes—one within the other. The outer tube is 7010 T73 and the inner tube is 7010 T6 aluminum. These two metals create a strong setup that decreases the chance of damaging the bar in a crash. The Twinwall is offered in black, titanium, blue, green, red and orange.




ROX SPEED FX LIFT www.roxspeedfx.com 218-326-1794 $69.95

Rox Speed FX’s Lift 1 1/8-inch handlebar is made from lightweight aluminum. It’s tapered without a crossbar and creates some flex on hard impacts. These bars are offered in black only.


Torc 1 Attack
Torc 1 Attack


TORC 1 ATTACK www.torc1racing.com 972-429-0244 $64.99

The 1 1/8-inch Attack handlebar is made from 4mm, 7000-series aluminum alloy. This material will allow the bar to flex, but still be strong in a crash. The left-side bar is knurled for a larger bonding area for the grip. They are offered in black only.


Tusk T-10
Tusk T-10


TUSK T-10 ALUMINUM www.rockymountainatvmc.com 800-336-5437 $29.99

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC’s in-house brand, Tusk, is offering the T-10 7/8-inch aluminum handlebar at a great price. It’s constructed from heat-treated T6 aluminum for durability and fatigue reduction. It also offers knurling in the grip area to prevent slipping. Color options are black, blue, red and silver.

TUSK CHUB www.rockymounatinatvmc.com 800-336-5437 $39.99

The 1 1/8-inch Chub bar from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC’s Tusk line is made from 7075 T6 aluminum, which will flex and give the rider a better feel. These are lighter and stronger than standard handlebars. They’re only available in black.




TWISTED ENGINEERING COMPOSI-FLEX 2 www.twistedengineering.com 888-947-8331 $299

The Composi-Flex 2 handlebar is constructed from 100-percent aerospace-grade composites and polymers. There is aluminum on the handlebar, but it is very thin and acts only as a wear surface. With these materials, Twisted Engineering came up with three different handlebar flex ranges—1x, 2x and 3x. You can’t adjust these on the fly, but TE will get you the correct setup by speaking to them on the phone. These handlebars claim to help reduce arm pump, body fatigue, and absorb impact, shock and vibration.


Vortex 7/8ths
Vortex 7/8ths


VORTEX RACING 7/8-INCH Vwww.vortexracing.com 800-440-3559 $69.95

The Vortex 7/8-inch V3 aluminum handlebar incorporates a crossbar for strength. Per Vortex, these handlebars are 29 percent stronger than other bars after years of research and development. The V3 is offered only in black.

VORTEX RACING 1 1/8-INCH V3 www.vortexracing.com 800-440-3559 $89.99

Just like the 7/8-inch handlebar, Vortex offers a strong aluminum 1 1/8-inch handlebar that will offer more flex than the standard 7/8-inch V3. After years of research, they trust this is the strongest bar they produce. The V3 is offered only in black.

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