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July 3, 2014
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Caleb and Colten Moore, aka the Moore brothers, started riding ATVs at the early ages of 11 and 13 with their parents in the backwoods of Texas.   The Honda 250EX was introduced to the boys, and away they went.

They moved from riding in the backwoods to racing local tracks.  Freestyle quickly came into play as Caleb started performing tricks while hitting the largest jumps on the track.

Colten Moore showing his faith while performing the holy man on his Yamaha YFZ450R

Caleb moved on to race on the Media All Stars National MX team, but quickly figured out freestyle was the route he wanted to take.  While performing at Hay Days in Minnesota, Caleb met BC Vaught, who had relationships with promoters around the world.  Caleb’s first event with BC was the Weston Beach Race in Weston Super Mare, England.

Soon thereafter, an offer came to the table for Caleb to backflip his quad at the Montreal Olympic Stadium.  However, Caleb had not yet completed one to dirt, only in a foam pit.  Regardless, Caleb confirmed the show, practiced hard and successfully landed it in front of 70,000 people.

Caleb and Colten enjoying the view at Dunefest 2012

As Caleb continued to travel and ride at shows, his younger brother, Colten, saw that there was an opportunity to see the world and get paid, all while following their passion—riding quads. Colten joined the team, learned the flip, and off they went to places like Colombia, Brazil, England, Costa Rica, France, Russia, Africa, etc.
A new goal for quad freestyle was set: X Games. After working to get quads into the Summer X Games with no luck, Caleb and Colten’s father, Wade, saw Winter X Games Snowmobile Freestyle on TV and told the boys that they had the talent to perform freestyle on snowmobiles as well. With Polaris being their OEM ATV sponsor at the time, snowmobiles were ordered and the boys got accepted into the Games only a month prior to the competition by submitting videos showing the level of their riding. Caleb medaled that first competition. Since their first year at Winter X Games, the brothers, together, have taken eight total medals back to Texas, with two being gold.

The Moore family celebrating Colten’s gold medal as he was riding for his brother at Winter X Games 2014.

Tragically, Caleb suffered a fatal snowmobile accident in 2013. With the family’s blessing, Colten chose to continue the competition and started a campaign dubbed #RideForCaleb. One year later, in the 2014 competition, Colten accomplished his goal and won the gold medal in Snowmobile Freestyle for Caleb. Of course he credits his brother for the success and the abilities he built riding, racing and jumping quads.

We recently caught up with Colten to ask him a little more about what’s happening in today’s ATV freestyle world.

Dirt Wheels: How did you get interested in freestyle riding?

Colten Moore: We were racing motocross, and Caleb had started doing tricks on the biggest jumps on the tracks. Then, our buddy told us about an amateur freestyle competition close to our place, so Caleb and I begged our parents to go! They finally agreed to let us go, and it turned out really well! Caleb picked it up super quick, and it took off from there.

DW: How should someone work their way up to doing jumping tricks?

CM: I would say, most important, take your time with it. Don’t try something too crazy right at first and injure yourself before you even get started.

DW:. Some riders practice using foam pits to land in. Did you use one?

CM: Absolutely! It’s imperative! My dad, Caleb and I all built one so that we could learn the backflip. Although, I would like to say it’s not as soft, fluffy and super safe like everyone thinks they are! There have been a lot of accidents and broken bones in our foam pit.

DW: What advice do you have for our readers interested in starting a freestyle team.

CM: Go out and do it!  Just work hard for it and never give up! Everything is possible when you put your mind to it.  But remember, we’ve always participated in ATV racing and freestyle because it’s our passion. Following our dreams is a big risk, but with no risk comes no reward.

DW: Do you set up any show on your own?

CM: We typically stay away from setting up our own shows. We prefer to work with the larger promoters and ride tours like Nuclear Cowboyz, Nitro Circus, etc. Our management works with them to make sure everything is set and ready to ride as safe as possible.

DW: Any additional advice to future freestyle riders?

CM: No dream is too big! My goal when I completed high school was to make it to the X Games. Well, now I have a couple of X Games gold medals! If you want to ride freestyle, just set your mind to it and work hard for it, but be smart about it. I hope to see more riders out riding with me in the near future and throwing down huge! Check out #RIDEFORCALEB and #31STYLE.

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