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Polaris Wins King of the Hammers

February 15, 2011
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Jagged X Wins King of the Hammers with

Nearly-Stock??ÿRANGER RZR??ÿXP 900


Minneapolis, Feb 15, 2011?.?ª”??ÿAfter three years of racing ?.?ª”King of the Hammers?.?ª, the Jagged X team won the side-by-side class with the new and nearly-stock??ÿRANGER RZR??ÿXP 900!


Since its original debut in 2008, the “King of the Hammers” race has been deemed the toughest off-road race in the world. The course is a 42-mile??ÿcombination of??ÿopen desert racing,??ÿnarrow goat trails and huge rock trails. For the last two years, the Jagged X team raced their desert race car and while they were in the hunt, the heavier full-blown race car??ÿcame up just short of the win. This year, the team took a little different approach??ÿand raced the new and nearly-stock??ÿRANGER RZR??ÿXP 900.??ÿThe unit was modified only to comply with the safety requirements and??ÿequipped with a set of Elka Elite series shocks.??ÿ


With the temperature hovering in the low 20s, the??ÿJagged X team lined up in the tenth starting position with seventeen other side-by-sides. When the flag dropped, Brandon Schueler and??ÿco-driver Mike West charged off into the California desert with a group of very-well equipped competitors. The??ÿRANGER RZR??ÿXP 900 did an amazing job of reeling in the rest of the field and by the??ÿfirst rock trail, the team was running in third position. Shortly after,??ÿthe only car between??ÿthe No. 1919 and the finish line was the two-time winner??ÿMitch Guthrie, also driving an almost-stock, very nimble and quick??ÿRANGER RZR??ÿ800. The two??ÿwere separated by only??ÿa few??ÿfeet for the next 15 miles but then in the last major rock section, known as??ÿAftershock, Schueler was able to squeeze by and capture the lead. The two swapped the lead??ÿagain in the bottom of the canyon but when the dust cleared,??ÿJagged X??ÿcame out ahead by nearly five minutes ahead of Guthrie, and the??ÿrest of the field was nearly an hour??ÿback.??ÿ


?.?ª”The new??ÿRANGER RZR??ÿXP 900 proved once again that??ÿPolaris is the only manufacturer to build a car that offers the power, suspension and agility to win one of the toughest races in the world,?.?ª said Brandon Schueler.??ÿ?.?ª”Jagged X would like to thank everyone who helped us to take the crown and become the KING of the??ÿHAMMERS!?.?ª


Special thanks go out to Polaris??ÿIndustries, Elka Suspension,??ÿPro Armor, Simpson safety equipment, CR Designs, OMF Performance and Renegade Seats.


About Jagged X??ÿ
Jagged X is a family owned business located in Phoenix Arizona. Formed in 2003 from a passion for off road vehicles, Jagged X quickly became a pioneer in the custom side by side segment and is known for bringing their customers quality and innovation with their own brand of style. In 2007 Jagged X formed an aftermarket partnership with Polaris industries with the introduction of the exciting new RZR. They continue to lead the pack in the development of exciting products for the RZR such as long travel suspension, billet and tubular accessories.??ÿ

About Polaris

With annual 2010 sales of $1.99??ÿbillion, Polaris designs, engineers, manufactures and markets off-road vehicles (ORVs), including all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and the PolarisRANGER?.•., snowmobiles and Victory motorcycles for recreational and utility use and has recently introduced a new on-road electric powered neighborhood vehicle.

??ÿ??ÿ??ÿ??ÿ Polaris is a recognized leader in the snowmobile industry; and one of the largest manufacturers of ORVs in the world. Victory motorcycles established in 1998 and representing the first all-new American-made motorcycle from a major company in nearly 60 years, are rapidly making impressive in-roads into the cruiser and touring motorcycle marketplace. Polaris also enhances the riding experience with a complete line of Pure Polaris apparel, accessories and parts, available at Polaris dealerships.

??ÿ??ÿ??ÿ??ÿ Polaris Industries Inc. trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol ?.?ª”PII,?.?ª and the Company is included in the S&P MidCap 400 stock price index.

??ÿ??ÿ??ÿ??ÿ Information about the complete line of Polaris products, apparel and vehicle accessories are available from authorized Polaris dealers or anytime from the Polaris homepage??ÿat??ÿwww.polarisindustries.com.

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