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Hey Dirt Wheels!

Lifelong reader here and just wanted to share some pictures from our recent group trip to the Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Mears, Michigan. We got as many riders as we could from our Facebook group “Quadzilla LT500r and Quadracer LT250r” and met up for an awesome time in the sand!

It was my first time to Silver Lake and I can’t wait to go back! Had an awesome time meeting all these fellow Quadracer diehards and I hope next year is even bigger!

I had my white Lonestar Outlaw chassis LT250r and there was quite a few hybrid LT250r’s with 500 Zilla motors. Also some nice clean Quadzilla’s and other LT250r’s. Haven’t seen this many Quadracers together in quite a few years!

Dave Rockman

Reporting from Silver Lake, Michigan

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