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May 5, 2017
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The Kawasaki Brute Force KVF300 is an ultra-popular ATV for good reason. Compared to other ATVs in its class, the Brute Force has a relatively big and roomy chassis. The capable 271cc single-cylinder, four-stroke engine in the KVF300 is tuned for torque and does an admirable job of moving the ATV in the right direction. However, anytime you can get a bit more power out of a small engine, riding becomes even more fun and exciting.

brute 300 white

That’s where the new KA-2712 replacement air filter comes in. The KA-2712 is designed to provide increased horsepower and acceleration for the Brute Force, while still offering the high level of engine protection that an ATV needs.


The KA-2712’s pleated cotton media provides a large filtration area offering low restriction. That low restriction results in higher airflow to the Kawasaki’s Keihin CVK32 carburetor. A freer-breathing intake typically results in crisper throttle response.

brute 300 mud

Installation of the KA-2712 replacement air filter could not be easier. It is a direct replacement for the restrictive stock filter element. It fits directly into OEM air box with an application-specific sealing bead ensuring a precise fit. Fitment of the KA-2712 requires no modification to the fuel management system in the Brute Force.

brute 300

Most importantly, the KA-2712 filter is one of K&N’s line of filters that are specifically developed for off-road ATV use. The multiple layers of oil-impregnated, woven cotton gauze media offer excellent filtration in the most extreme of conditions. If you check the filtration test data sheet that is linked on the KA-2712 product page, you’ll find that our rigorous testing resulted in an estimated filtration efficiency of well over 98%.

Finally, the KA-2712 is completely washable and reusable. When paper elements are clogged and dirty, they have to be replaced. The K&N KA-2712 simply needs to be washed and re-oiled using the 99-5000 filter care service kit, and you are back on the trail or track. No waste, and no costly replacement filters.


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