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❏ We owe a great deal to dedicated ATV owners who spend the time and money to keep the legendary machines from our sport’s past alive and more than well. In this case, a Duncan Racing International, Inc. customer chose to unite two legends—Duncan Racing and a 1987 Suzuki LT-500R QuadRacer.

The LT-500R moniker is all but lost in common vernacular; the machine has simply become known as “Quadzilla.” Quadzilla is an allusion to the fictional Japanese monster Godzilla that is, as you may imagine, not famous for its manners or vintage teapot collection. Godzilla is a giant, fire-breathing, city-eating monster, while Quadzilla is giant-pistoned, fire-breathing, dirt-eating monster. The nickname makes perfect sense.

That’s why the Dirt Wheels crew had to do an article on Quadzilla and pay tribute to this magnificent mechanical beast of years past. Make sure you see it in the July 2017 issue of the printed magazine. That’s one you may want to save in your collection of significant memories.

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