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June 12, 2017
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— A cost-effective petcock kit for your fuel tank — By the staff of Dirt Wheels.




As we all know, fuel, especially old fuel, can start to break down just about anything over time. That includes crucial O-rings, jets, carburetors and, yes, even the petcock on your gas tank. Along with that, dust, sand, mud and water can all start to fowl up the mechanism of the petcock. It is a simple mechanism, but if it is leaking, it can cause trouble on the trail. In extreme cases, it can drip on a hot engine and possibly start a fire. That’s a thrill ride that none of us would like to have!

Full OEM petcock assemblies can be expensive and, in some cases, you must order each part separately. You can also buy a rebuild kit for the OEM unit. However, there are some of us who would like to change out an old part for a completely new one and not have to deal with it. If you have a new gas tank, purchasing a complete petcock is always nice. Luckily, Fuel Star has complete petcock kits for popular ATV and dirt bike models.


We recently received a new IMS oversized gas tank for a TRX450R. We tried to remove the OEM petcock, but, unfortunately, the bolts had rusted into the inserts on the stock tank and were impossible to get it out. We called Fuel Star to get a complete aftermarket petcock kit to fix our issue.

The packaging from Fuel Star is great. It came with everything that is needed for a direct bolt-on assembly. The contents of the package consisted of the petcock with inline screen, heavy-duty fuel line, fuel-line clips, plastic lever with screw, large O-ring for the petcock, screws, aluminum spacers for the tank and, of course, stickers. The fuel line that Fuel Star uses meets CARB and EPA fuel-line permeation standards for motorcycles and ATVs. The O-rings are made from Viton, which helps them to resist fuel breakdown.


When we installed the new Fuel Star assembly, we made sure to put a dab of grease on each of the tank bolts, so if we did need to remove the petcock down the road, it would be easy to get the bolts out. We also sprayed a small amount of WD-40 on the end of the fuel line so it slid onto the carburetor fuel spout easily.

It went together without a hitch, and once it was installed, we couldn’t tell the difference between the OEM and the Fuel Star assembly. The turn of the lever was fluid and didn’t hang up whatsoever going from “On” to “RES.” Since the install, we’ve raced and ridden over the span of two months without any issues on the Fuel Star petcock.


We’re very impressed with the quality of the Fuel Star petcock. If it wasn’t for the “Fuel Star” text on the fuel line, we wouldn’t know it wasn’t an OEM petcock assembly. It’s held up extremely well, and no leaks have happened after some hard riding. The only difference between OEM and Fuel Star is the cost. We checked the pricing on the OEM 2005 Honda TRX450R petcock and additional parts, which came out to be $118.70 before tax. The Fuel Star petcock kit for the Honda TRX450R retails for $59.95 before tax. That’s dang near 50 percent off! We can get behind something like that. For more information on the Fuel Star petcock kit, visit www.fuel-star.com or call (515) 473-9655.

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