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May 12, 2017
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In 2006, Yamaha surprised the industry by adding electric power steering to its big-bore Grizzly 4×4 ATV. It wasn’t necessarily a feature people were demanding, but it ended up being a big hit. Now, virtually every 4×4 offered from all the big manufacturers have optional electric power steering (EPS). That fact is great if you are considering purchasing a new machine, but what if you like your old 4×4 but want to try EPS. Super ATV has a product for just that customer. The kit from Super ATV is called EZ-Steer and is a plug-and-play product for the do-it-yourself mechanic. Super ATV carries kits for most bigbore ATVs, including Kawasaki’s Brute Force line, older Polaris Sportsmans, Can-Am Outlanders, Suzukis and the Honda Foremans and Ranchers, as well as the Rincon, starting at $649. UTV kits are also available starting at $649.


To try out the EZ-Steer kit, we mounted one on a Honda Rincon 4×4. Still, Honda has yet to offer this machine with EPS, so we felt it would be a good model to equip with an aftermarket EPS system. The Rincon kit is priced a little higher than most at $739. To mount the unit, give yourself a solid day. It’s not that it’s hard to install, but removing the bodywork on the Rincon and replacing it is very time-consuming. Taking our time, it took about six hours to install the EZ-Steer unit, test it, then reinstall the Honda’s bodywork.

The unit comes complete with the electronic steering-assist motor, a new two-piece steering stem, wiring loom, mounting brackets, all hardware and an electronic control box. To complete the install, you basically remove the stock steering stem and replace it with the new one, which has an electronic motor bolted in the middle. A mounting bracket holds the motor in place, and in the Rincon’s case, that is bolted to the frame just below the shift lever. The electronic box is mounted to an empty hole in the frame under the right front shock. It helps to have small hands to complete the installation, but on the good side, no special tools or welding needs to be done. After the hardware is mounted, you only have to splice one wire and attach a positive and negative wire to the battery. Super ATV took care of all the hard R&D to make this a seamless installation that anyone can do.

2006 Honda FourTrax Rincon
2006 Honda FourTrax Rincon

The EZ-Steer kit noticeably reduces the effort it takes to steer the Rincon. That’s a good thing, since Hondas are usually harder to steer than other machines. On our test unit, from the moment you get the tires rolling, effort through the bars is virtually eliminated. Like with the OEM units, when you get rolling and speeds increase, the sensitivity backs off. You only get the maximum assist when you need it the most at low speeds. We did feel a bit of twitchiness at real low speeds when hitting a bump and cornering at the same time. On the good side, when you hit bumps, rocks or ruts straight on, the EPS unit acts like a damper and does not transmit movement back through the bars. Like all OEM units, except CanAm’s EPS, you cannot adjust the sensitivity of the system. It takes a few runs to get used to how light the steering feel is on the EZ-Steer-equipped Rincon, but when you do, it’s hard to live without it. Super ATV has a ton of great products like the EZ-Steer to make any 4×4 ATV or UTV better. Give them a call at (812) 574-7777. Tell them Dirt Wheels sent ya!

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