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September 20, 2016
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Yamaha has some really light wheel and tire combos as standard equipment on the Grizzly line. So light, in fact, that the wheels became a liability on our test 700. Rocky trails left almost every wheel with a suspect smile in it at some point, and one was even rubbing on the brake. In an effort to cure the problems, we opted for cast-aluminum Sedona Storm wheels and ultra-aggressive Sedona Mud Rebel tires. We are talking about some seriously burly sneakers here. The stock tires are 25×8-12 in front and 25×10-12 in the rear. Sedona sent us 26×10-12 for the front and rear, so the Sedona tires are taller and wider than the stockers, and the tread blocks are more than double the height of the stockers.


The combo of a Sedona Storm wheel and a six-ply Mud Rebel tire is a sweet one. They look great, work great and are priced great.

Each wheel/tire combo comes pre-mounted, with each combo individually boxed. Ours even had the correct tire pressure! Each box has a wheel, tire and a center cap. Since the wheels are thicker, the Sedona wheels require different lug nuts that you must purchase separately. We had all four wheels swapped out in minutes. The somewhat mild look of the Grizzly is long gone. The luxurious wheels are black, with machined-aluminum spokes for a highlight stand out, and the six-ply-rated tires are so aggro that the whole quad has a different look.

In addition to the dangerous-looking tread, the Mud Rebel also offers increased sidewall strength for puncture-resistance and impact absorption. We were fortunate to get actual mud to test in, and as the name implies, the traction was superb. We had ice and snow on top of mud, and the quad didn’t even want to get sideways! These aren’t so specialized that they won’t work anywhere else. Traction was still great on packed dirt and rocks, and the tires don’t ride rough or make excessive noise. At the same time, our confidence hitting rocks was at an all-time high. The new rims are unscathed.


Look at how burly the tread blocks are on these tires! The tread is aggressive, and each tread block is extremely tall. These babies hook up.

The smallest-size Mud Rebel is 24×8-12 for $85.95, and the 12×7 wheel is $94.95, basically $181 when you round it off, but the kit prices start at $164.95! That price is less than the price of many tires alone, and you don’t have to hassle with the mounting. Our kit used a much larger 26×10-12 tire that retails for $159.95, so the kit price is $259.95 per tire/wheel combo. That seems reasonable for a machined-cast-aluminum wheel and a tire this size. Plus, you don’t have to hassle with the tire mounting. This was a totally painless episode. Installation was a snap and the performance was amazing. The tires are available in 24-, 25-, 26- and even 27-inch sizes, though the 26-inch is the tallest for a 12-inch rim.

There are other wheel choices besides the Storm. Each Storm is manufactured from cast aluminum with polished black accents, and they are available in 12- or 14-inch sizes in a variety of bolt patterns and offsets. The wheel combos are only sold in pairs.


Even in these slippery conditions, the Sedona tire/wheel combo refused to slip. Just gas it and go with no drama.

If you are getting the idea that we loved these wheels and tires, we have done our job, and you are very astute. Great price, fantastic performance and super easy to deal with, Sedona is a great choice as a heavy-duty tire and wheel combo. Sedona (www.sedona
tires.com) tires and wheels are distributed by Western Powersports, Inc. (www.wps-inc.com), so you can order them through any dealer.

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